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The best way to get a real feel for wildlife is on foot. Remote trekking, wonderful wildlife, local lodges: on our wildlife walking tours you'll get closer to nature than ever before. You'll never forget the thrill of trying to be silent as you step over a rustling bush on the jungle floor, trying to catch a glimpse of a nearby creature. You can spot mountain gorillas on a trek through Rwanda; search for a snow leopard in the snowcapped Indian Himalaya or explore bear territories in Romania. On a walking safari you’ll have a truly immersive experience taking in the tracks, spoor, smells and other signs of animal life. 

Wildlife wellbeing and habitat preservation is central to our philosophy, which is why we make sure that all of our wildlife walking trips are sustainable and give back to the communities in which they operate. Positive-impact tourism can bring benefits to many communities, help preserve the environments we travel to see, and provide real and positive social exchanges. Find out more about responsible travel here.

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In the spotlight: Zimbabwe

When sisters Chelley Richardson and Exodus expert Charlotte Newman found a trip with their perfect combination of walking and wildlife, it just so happened to be in Zimbabwe...

The people were absolutely amazing. In the beginning, we were nervous about the political situation, but we were assured that going there was the best way to help. Everyone was so welcoming, happy and friendly.

The landscape was dramatic and varied. We were walking in the mountains and we didn’t see another soul all day, and we were all alone on the summit of Mount Nyangani. 

The accommodation was all locally owned. On the seventh day we stayed in Hermit’s Peak Lodge, where you could see zebra, wildebeest and giraffe, practically on the lawn. In the Hwange National Park we saw elephants and hippos. The birdlife is fantastic too.

Seeing five white rhinos in the wild was a very emotional moment. We’d walked for ten miles that day, but then we came across the rhinos. What a moment! A huge conservation effort is being made; they'd had their horns cut off to protect them from poaching and there was a visible armed guard. Finally their numbers are going up. 

We were taken to a village to meet the local people. It was clear that the trip really supported the local community, and it was lovely that the things we were taken to see were real, not commercialised.

Our guides gave us a unique perspective. Between them, they knew everything. They gave us facts and figures; were able to give us an insight into the historical and political situation; pointed out rare wildlife; and rustled up some amazing food. Travel arrangements were spot on, and they were helpful, patient, friendly and good fun. They couldn't have been better.

Zimbabwe Walking & Wildlife

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