Cycling the Dalmation Coast Trip Code MVJ

Looking forward to sayng Hello to others travelling on this trip 

Julie from London here. 

Am I on the right forum?!!  Cycling, Croatian islands, hopefully sunshine ...not like our current weather!  Really looking forward to our trip.

Hi Julie - i am flying out from Manchester and will be meeting up with the Group (hopefully   :) ) in Split town centre on Saturday afternnonn 19 May 

When I click on 'trip notes' it shows the link but doesn't take me there!!

Any guidance would be appreciated

ta Julie



Hi, I'm joining the trip on 12 May with a friend and flying from Manchester.  The information provided about meeting up is a bit contradictory.  Has anyone had anyting about meeting up in central Split on the Saturday?  The trip notes say tell Exodus so they can inform the group leader but wev'e been directed to ring "the local partners" up in Croatia, which is a bit diffiult when you are at work all day!   Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,

We are also joining the trip on 12 May, arriving in Split the evening of 11 May.  I emailed [email protected] back in April because I was confused about arrangements for meeting the group.  Catriona Griffin returned my email and gave us a choice of meeting the group at the port in the evening, or catching up at a cafe in town in the afternoon.  We chose to meet at a cafe, and Cat emailed me the guide's name and number.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Jynette and Ashley (Perth, WA)

Hi Jynette and Ashley,  There are three of us and we've arrived in  Split.  If you want to meet up let us know.  We could meet up with you at that cafe if you like! Let us know.  Sylvia, Sheila and  Viola. 

Hi Silvia, Sheila and Viola, Jynette and Ashley  : D   Good to meet (sort of!)

Any idea folks at what may be provided for us to carry some small items?  I won't need the kitchen sink, hair straighteners (don't have any!) but just wallet, water bottle, cardi, suncream and a few other bits which I would prefer not to have in a back pack ....sticking to my back whilst peddling uphill!!

I have an email saying that we could have a pannier, but now I'm not quite sure!


Julie ..and Alan too!

Julie and Alan, Not sure, we have the same questions too! Which date are you on.  I ws told there isn't a pannier rack otherwise I'd have brought my saddle bag which would take said items.  I bought a small handlebar bag but it is only big enough for a camera and money.  Sylvia 

Julie and Alan, Not sure, we have the same questions too! Which date are you on.  I ws told there isn't a pannier rack otherwise I'd have brought my saddle bag which would take said items.  I bought a small handlebar bag but it is only big enough for a camera and money.  Sylvia 

Hi Sylvia, Sheila and Viola

We arrived yesterday evening. Heading off now for a wander and to buy a sim card. We are staying at hotel bellevue  I will get back on to contact you if i manage to get a sim card, otherwise only online while we are at the hotel. Looking forward to meeting you 

If you have an up and coming trip on this holiday you need to know that a generous handlebar bag is provided along with a holder for your water bottle.  No need to bring your own.


Hey everyone! I am already in Split, and it seems like a few other people are as well. I'd love to meet up for a coffee or drink if anyone else is interested before the tour starts on Friday. if anyone's interested, let me know!

Also, does anyone know where the meeting point will be on Friday? I know we are supposed to contact the leader on that day, but am hoping to get an idea of where in the city it will be. 

Ooh there are quite a number of us already here! 

At the moment Alan and I are enjoying a beautiful sunset near Zadar.

Well be near Split tomorrow. Are folk up for meeting somewhere for dinner Thursday 17th? It would be fun to meet up.


Cheers Julie

Hi Julie,

I'd love to meet up for dinner with you and anyone else interested in joining tonight! do you have a time and place in mind?  I intend to stay in Split and just take it easy most of the day so I'll be around.


Hi Aimee and everyone,

Shall we pencil meeting at 7 this evening? 

We are based in Trogir for tonight and tomorrow night. We have a hire car.

I was trying TripAdvisor for a restaurant ... looking for somewhere cosy, not too posh!! Haven't decided on any yet! Will try later .... we're open to suggestions!

Hopefully see you later

Cheers Julie and Alan

Julie, Alan and everyone:

7 woks great! hopefully more people can join us! there' a place called Fife that was recommended to me by my hostel. It's down on the water and supposed to be cheaper than most of the other restaurants in that area. We could check it out, or go elsewhere if there's something that intrigues you. I've been here 5 days so I feel like I've gotten to try a lot of the local food so I'm open to eating anywhere!


Hey Aimee,

I'm on  07908886583 do you want to text or WhatsApp me? I'm not quite getting on with this blogging technology!!  

Ta Julie

It looks we may be later as the boat from Trogir arrives in at 7.30

Hey Julie! 

I didn't get a sim card for Croatia but have Wi-Fi at my hostel and will be able to check in with it often  since I'm located right in the old town. i tried adding the number you sent to whatsapp but it doesn' show up as a full number..? wondering if perhaps I'm missing a country or area code? you can fire me off an email if thats easier than posting here! [email protected] 

Hi Aimee and others,

We've had a few beers here whilst awaiting replies!! The logistics of us getting to Split is more complicated than I thought. 

Sorry to change plans, how about tomorrow instead?

If there's a bunch of you there already have a good evening

Cheers Julie and Alan

Hi all

When i started this thread i mentioned the tour i booked on commences Sat 19/5 appears that there may be another tour commencing Friday (tomorrow)  that you guys are referring to ?

If so - enjoy . 

If not i look forwrd to meeting you Saturday .

kind regards


hey Tony! 

that was my bad! I didn't realize till today that it was Saturday and by Friday! sorry for the confusion! I will be seeing you on the Saturday tour.


We're nearby in the old town of Trogir now. See you tomorrow!


Hi Aimee. I am in Split this evening.  Have a meal booked at 9 but will be up for a drink afterwards if you and/or  anyone else are out and about ?  Tony

Hi Tony,

I'd be up for Meeting later! i'm just grabbing takeout and heading to Diocletians Palace to listen to the live music inside the square that happens every night. it' a good meeting spot if you/anyone else would be interested in meeting there! only downside is there's Wi-Fi for those of us who haven't gotten sim cards yet (plan for tomorrow). there's a gelato place in the square that would help narrow down the meeting point if there's a time that works? 

Hey Tony! 

I think I'm gonna stay in tonight. but if you/anyone would be willing to meet for coffee or something tomorrow afternoon before the meet up I'd be up to do that! let me know! sorry to disappoint, just fighting a bit of a cold so I figure it's best to sleep it off before the tour starts. 

sorry  you are not feeling too god. Coffee in the morning sounds good.  Let me know where you  are.  

Sorry  Aimee.  You said afternoon  nor morning.  That is fine.   Have you managed to make contact with the guide yet?   I only know we are to meet in central split lnthe  afternoon ( I believe the London flight is due in at 2pm so I'm guessing will be meet time of approx 3-30pm)

how about coffee at 2-30pm on the Riva front near the palace   .?  

My mobile is 07967 729711 if you want to text me  to confirm  and let me know which bar you are in when you get there ?  Tony


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