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Top Five Whale Watching Hotspots

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Captain Ahab dedicated his life to finding one. ‘Free Willy’ captured the hearts of children and adults alike.

Whales have enchanted humanity for aeons, impressed by their awesome size and seduced by their crooning songs, these gentle giants of the aquatic world cover the oceans in migratory pods.

A Morocco Adventure

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Early evening in Morocco, a welcoming breeze whisks mischievously across the dinner table, making the napkins dance and flutter like fans. 

The chatter of the street is distanced to a hum, four storeys below us where a river of people eddies and flows between the banks of market stalls and street hawkers trying to raise their voices above the din. On the corner, an artist sits with his canvas trying to capture the scene.

The best of Cambodia by Exodus' Imran Arshad

After a wonderful 10 days in Vietnam, it was now time to enter Cambodia. I had to arrange my Visa for Cambodia at the border crossing so a picture, 25 USDs and a few minutes later I was walking towards our guide, Rith, who was waiting anxiously to meet us all. Cambodia is full of surprises and the picture painted by our guide during his 45 minute pitch was even more surprising.

Cross-country Skiing in Kvitavatn

Cross-country skiing in Kvitavatn

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As our coach wound its way up the mountain road towards Kvitavatn, some 950m above sea level, I felt the excitement start to grow. I’d never been to Norway before, never tried cross-country skiing and was itching to have a go.

On arrival, we quickly discovered who our new roommates were, grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to settle in. At breakfast the next morning I found our friendly group chatting eagerly about what lay ahead.

Cross-country Skiing in Norway

Cross-country Skiing in Norway

Read time - 2 minutes While Vancouver has been collectively biting its nails over a lack of snow recently, Norway is still heavily swathed in the stuff and could quite easily have filled in the gaps.  

Clearly, transporting several hundred tonnes of snow across to the other side of Canada could prove tricky, so the Canadians had to settle for a delivery of some of the world’s finest exponents of winter sports.


Best Food for Cyclists

mountain biking

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It is no secret that cycling and food go hand in hand. Ask any cyclist where they are planning to ride at the weekend and you will probably hear, “Oh, we’re heading to that café on the hill, you know, the one with good coffee and cake!”

5 Interesting Chile Facts

easter island

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Chile may not be the first destination that springs to mind for an active getaway but with its heady cocktail of glistening lakes, high-altitude peaks, arid deserts and groaning glaciers, there’s ample opportunity for discovery and adventure.

Chile could be the perfect place to make you go ‘faster, higher, stronger’ this year! Want to know more? Here are five interesting facts about Chile that you might not be aware of...

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