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Celebrating 45 Years of Adventure!

Vintage Exodus Overland Truck

The UK’s longest running adventure tour operator, Exodus, is celebrating its 45th birthday!

It all began with Afghanistan, in 1974. Two friends decided to travel in an overland truck to the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan – one of the most inaccessible monuments in the world. They were able to turn their passion for travel, adventure and discovery into a career, and the overlanding years of Exodus were born.

Turtle Shell and Travel – What You Need to Know

Turtle swimming underwater

When we travel, we often purchase souvenirs as a tangible memory of the trip. However, many unknowingly come home with souvenirs that are actually made from animal parts which may be illegal. Despite having an international agreement signed in more than 181 countries, the trade of endangered species is a perpetual problem. In many destinations, souvenirs made from endangered species are still openly sold, allowing tourists to purchase them without knowing that they are unwittingly destroying the environment and its ecosystem.

45 Reasons To Choose Exodus

Exodus is the leading expert adventure travel specialists. We offer the widest variety of choice and expertise with our range of holidays, with over 500 itineraries to more than 90 countries on all seven continents. But why should you choose to spend your hard-earned on an Exodus adventure? In the run up to our 45th birthday in 2019, here are 45 reasons why travelling with Exodus is a good choice. 

Achievable in a Week: Incredible Adventures For Busy Travellers

Short on time? You don’t have to be short on ideas. Maximise your remaining holiday days with these incredible adventures which, miraculously, you can pack into just one week. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, discover a totally new environment, conquer an airy mountain summit, take on a challenge or even complete an iconic trail, it’s surprising just how much you can achieve in just seven days.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Adventurers

By travelling the globe, children not only see new horizons but broaden their own horizons too. As they meet new people, learn new things and explore new places, they’re gaining invaluable cultural experiences that simply can’t be taught in a classroom.

Our passionate knowledgeable guides share in our belief that holidays should be more than just lying on a beach. But which moments make the cut? Here are just a few of those unmissable memories that bring a family together as shared by our customers.

9 Immersive Family Travel Experiences for 2019

Family canoe ride down a beautiful tropical river

Take your 2019 family holiday to the next level. These immersive experiences are perfect to get kids excited and involved – trying new things, learning new skills, and getting them entirely engaged in the action. Designed primarily for 9-12 year olds, these experiences are immersive ways to get involved in a new culture whilst travelling. Swap digital devices for getting crafty with your digits, trade sofa time for the great outdoors and see their eyes light up for that eureka moment. These are the experiences that need to be on your family bucket list for 2019.

12 Travel Trends To Make You a Better Traveler in 2019

Responsible Tiger Safari in India

The arrival of a new year always brings about a wave of fresh travel trends and must-do ways of wandering, but it’s also an opportunity to reshape our exploratory approach by improving the way we impact the globe. At Exodus, we’re committed to ensuring that no matter where we lead you, the world’s many natural and cultural wonders will continue to embolden adventurous hearts for many new years to come. Here are 12 travel trends and tips – one for every month of the year - that prove 2019 is going to be The Year of the Thoughtful Traveler.

How to Travel Sustainably in Namibia


Rust red sand dunes, ancient rock paintings and huge tracts of pristine wilderness: it’s not hard to see why so many travellers are choosing Namibia. The country has seen a huge increase of tourist numbers year on year, and with growing visitor numbers comes increasing pressure to cater for the growing tourism trade. So how can you choose responsibly when you’re travelling in Namibia?

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