Kilimanjaro~rongai route

Hi Folks. My name is Diane and I have recently booked for this mad trip in September. I walked the inca trail with exodus last year and had an amazing time. it was so well organised and i met a lovely bunch of people. Very much looking forward to this trip, although I do not underestimate how difficult it will be...( I am only 4tt 11 and struggle with big hills)!!

Would love to start chatting to anyone else who has booked this.....


I'm doing this one too. First trip of this kind so I'm well excited. Time to get fit....!


Hi, I think I'm going to book onto this in the next week or so.. I've wanted to climb kili for so long now and my friends keep making excuses so I thought I'd go on my own!! Its nice that I found this before I booked, its good to have an idea who else is going! I'm training for a half marathon at the moment so hopefully I will be fit enough.. a bit nervous about how my body will respond to the altitude but you dont know until you try! Are you guys flying from London on the 6th or have you arranged the "land only" option?


Hi All

I'm booked onto this trip departing 4th Sept. Sooo looking forward to it - my friends think Im mad but I wanted a challenge and didnt think I was quite ready for Everest so Kilimanjaro it is. I spent ages trying to decide on a company to do this with and Exodus seems to get some good reviews so hopefully I've done the right thing.

When booking last week I was told I am the only person booked on this departure date so far - has anybody else booked 4th Sept?


Im travelling on 6 September from London.
It's cool to meet people beforehand like this. Not easy find people who want to pay and take days' leave to suffer!!! Hence my decision to go it alone too - even if it was with a big gulp.

 I'm trying to prepare a little by doing cycling for the moment as am doing a Paris-London bike ride with colleagues in May. Seems to be a year for challenges.

Hi All... Newbie here and after a lot of looking at whats available allways felt Exodus was top of my list. So took the plunge a month or so ago and booked for the Rongai route for the 6th Sepetember.  Never done anything like this and have started the long haul for training... slowly.

I am flying form London and looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime.


Hi Guys

Just wondering how everyone is getting on?

Not long to we go...I had my tonsils out recently so I am feeling very nervous that I am not fit enough. I am trying to go a really good hill walk every weekend and a few taibo sessions each week to try to strengthen my legs but I definitely think I need to be a lot fitter. How is everyone else preparing?

I will be flying in to Heathrow from Belfast quite early on the morning of the 6th. Nice to meet up if anyone else is in the same boat!

Speak soon




Hi AllI’ve transferred to the 6th now as well as there weren’t enough takers for the 4th!!My only exercise to date has been walking home from work (2.5hrs) 3 X a week and a 4hr hike around box hill once. Finding it hard to fit in around everyday life to be honest but need to get some weekend walks in the diary. Feels like it’s getting close now!Mx


Hi All. Been struggling myslef with getting regular walks in. 2-3 hours every couple of days and a few 4+ hours. Now a bout of summer flue. I am also endeavouring to try out some hydration tablets to bolster my energy levels. Never used before but hoping they will surely help!

Also been on the rowing machine a few times but still not regualr enough.  Abd trying to ensure I have all those little extra items of equipment.

 Looming now.. excited and perhaps a little more nervous

 See U all  soon I hope



I've also been transferred to 6th September for the Rongai route.  Preparations progressing - vaccinations, equipment and yes - lots of training.

 If Chris Moyles can do it, we can!

Looking forward to meeting up in Kili - travelling on Ethipian Airlines - batteries allowing and arrive in the afternoon on 7th Sep.


Can't believe it's next week that we're doing this!
We need to find a way of meeting up at Heathrow on 6 Sep - may as well start the trip there over a beer or something - especially as we'll be there for 3 hours before thr flight.

Does anyone know how many of us are doing the trip?


Hey, I count 6 of us on here but I guess there may be others. Why dont we try to meet up at the Bridge Bar? I think thats the only one in the terminal. Although could be interesting trying to recognise each other without our lovely green exodus bags!!!


Big grreen exodus bag... check. Flight at 8 pm so aiming for 4.30 pm ish and happy to meet up. Just missing travel insurance cert today which was not with my booking email. C U all soon...

Marta at Exodus haa advisedof me that are 7 of us doing this trek.

hello all. I am feeling very nervous but excited. Looking forward to meeting you all. Every good trip starts with a beer! . I am going to be at heathrow quite early. My number is 07746683829 if anyone wants to give me a shout when they arrive. Looking forward to meeting you all.


7 is cool.
Bridge Bar sounds good´ but I like the idéal of swapping telephone numbers too as I might take a different bag!!
Reckon I'll be there quite early too so there'll be time to relax a bit and de-stress :)
My number is 00 33 6 62804931
Am suddenly feeling unfit, but hey....I'm motivated and we'll have fun.
Looking forward to meeting you all as we are gonna be sharing one hell of an adventure.

Looking forward to you all also and this mad adventure. My number is 07971008668. Anxious in small doses and motivated. worked hard to get endurance up. Maybe to hard. On the bag front one review suggested taking suitcase with clean clothes to leave at the hotel. . And the red Exodus bag label for my rucksack as carry on. Take care this last week and see U all soon.


Anyone flying Ethiopian airlines at 9pm?

I should be at Heathrow for around 5pm so will check out the bridge bar



Hi All

Aiming for about 5pm. I'll scope out the bar for likely exodus tags and then start calling the numbers :-) Mines 07966197911. I reckon 7's a good number, not too many of us. Look forward to meeting everybody. M

Hi all. I have just packed...feeling very real!! I take it you are all picking up your visa's when you arrive at the airport in Nairobi? I seem to have so much stuff, but probably not enough when the temperature drops!. I will be in Heathrow about 2 and I have saved your numbers.  See you Friday! Diane x



Hi Diane, yes I'm getting my visa in Nairobi. Tried to have a go at packing last night and was shocked by the amount of stuff I seem to have accumulated. Second attempt tonight :-)


See you all Friday - that'll be the easy bit :)

Hopefully we'll somehow come across the 7th team member.

One daft (or not) question - is the Bridge Bar airside?! 


I have just checked, the Bridge Bar is after security, so after chexk in I presume...


Hope you all made it back home Ok. Thanks for a great week and being such a great group.. Hope you've all recovered. Diane - hope all is well now and the cough is subsiding. You too Garry -hope the swelling is going down.. I'll remember this trip for a very long time. Will be planning a new trip sometime soon but need to decide which one first

Will sort through my photos over next few days and share a few



Hi Guys

we fly on the 27th of this month for this trip.


Any advice and tips would be greatly appriciated. 


Thanks Michaella great tips. Could i ask the general fitness of the group please, can i assume you were all marathon runners :)


How did you manage the alititude and did you all complete? 

Hi folks! hope you are all back safe and sound! I have made a full recovery...seems like a dream! Nigel any decision on your next adventure??...I will share my photos once we exchange the email addresses...totally bored all my friends with my stories and pics! Thanks to you all for a wonderful week!

Daniel I totally agree with michaellas is about the altitude...we weren't all marathon runners but I think we all did ourselves proud!!

speak soon xx


Good to hear you have fully recovered and yes I've bored lots with my stories etc too

Agree with Michaella's tips too -don't forget pole pole!!

Still haven't sorted my photos but hoping to do over weekend once taken younger lad to Bristol Uni

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