Your Stress-Free Travel Experience

Updated 19th July 2022

A safe return to adventure

Exodus Travels is committed to the safety of our travellers, leaders, staff and local people in the destinations we visit at all times. We strive to always do right by our travellers, and we are proud that Which? named Exodus Travels as a recommended provider once again this year for the 7th year running, giving us a score of 5/5 for customer service. We’re also rated Excellent by our guests on Trustpilot. With a focus on the great outdoors and getting off-the-beaten track, our expertly guided active adventure trips are well suited to safe and healthy travel.

For the latest entry or testing requirements for your destination of choice, please visit our Travel Hub, where you’ll find everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.

Your Stress-Free Travel Experience

We’ve taken care of everything from the moment you book to the minute you return to home soil, always with your health, safety and well-being as our top priority.

Expert Travel Advice

Expert Travel Advice

Complete support to guide you through pre-departure requirements, as well as on your trip.

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Small Healthy Groups

We travel in small ‘COVID-Clear’ groups, with all members holding proof of vaccination or recent negative test before travel.

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Approved Destinations

We actively monitor the status of our global destinations and will only operate your holiday if it is safe to do so.

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Clean & Safe

Regular cleaning at accommodation, at meals and on transport.

Expert Travel Advice

Our experienced customer operations team works in tandem with your leader to keep you safe on your adventure, providing assistance from the moment you book to the minute you return to home soil.

Before you travel

We provide the most up-to-date information on entry and testing requirements for your chosen destination on our Travel Hub. Once you book, our team will keep you updated with everything you need to ensure a smooth and safe trip. See our ‘Approved Destinations’ section for more detail on how we do this.

We recommend that your travel insurance policy includes COVID-cover, so that your costs will be covered until you are able to return home should you test positive (subject to conditions).  If you wish you can purchase COVID-inclusive travel insurance from us when you book.

On your trip

Your tour leader will provide the latest local guidance, and let you know if any extra safety precautions such as face coverings may be needed in certain locations.

Should you fall ill, our team knows the most suitable medical care facilities for each point on the trip and will work in tandem with your leader to get you any medical attention, should you need it. In the unlikely event that your group needs to self-isolate, your local team will offer support throughout.


What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 whilst on an Exodus holiday?

If a group member shows symptoms of COVID-19 whilst on an Exodus holiday, they will be asked to take a COVID-19 test. 

If they unfortunately test positive, they will be asked to follow certain measures to protect themself, the rest of the group and our local staff.  Whilst not restricted to the measures mentioned below, the client will be asked to follow some or all of these measures, which may go above any local regulations in place in the country in which the group is travelling:  In some circumstances, these steps may include being required to leave the trip. 

  • The customer will be asked to remove themself from the group.  This means that they will not be able to join group meals or excursions/visits.  Depending on the individual circumstances, they may be able to remain at the same hotel(s) as the group, or they may be required to arrange their own accommodation elsewhere (with the assistance of the local team and/or the Exodus UK team).
  • The rest of the group will be advised of the positive COVID result, so that preventative measures can be followed.
  • If the client is sharing a room with a family member or friend on the same booking, they will also be asked to take a COVID test.  If they test negative, they will need to decide whether to also remove themselves from the group in order to remain with their travelling companion, or to continue with the group and make arrangements to stay in a separate room.
  • While separated from the group, the client should continue testing, and may re-join the group when two negative test results (taken at different times) have been received.  If the client is still positive, they should remain separate from the group until they receive a negative test result.
  • The tour leader, local team and Exodus will assist and support the client, however they will be asked to contact their travel insurance provider to discuss any financial implications. 


COVID-Clear Groups

For extra peace of mind, Exodus requires all those travelling on group holidays to have had a vaccine or negative COVID test – known as ‘COVID-Clear’ status. Please ensure that you understand this policy and can comply with it before you travel with us.

In addition, we ask that all customers travel with a small supply of lateral flow COVID tests (we suggest a minimum of five tests person); this is just in case someone on the trip displays symptoms and then tests positive, so we can quickly confirm that other group members have not become infected. In the unlikely event a group member does test positive, we have a protocol in place to ensure that it is handled swiftly and effectively by our local teams, under the oversight of the Exodus office in the UK.

If you are travelling: to a country where one of these is an entry requirement, you do not need to provide Exodus with proof of your COVID-Clear status prior to travel; you can expect this to be checked by your airline and/or by immigration officials when you arrive in the destination country.

If you are travelling: within the UK, within your home country (outside the UK), or there are no entry requirements of this nature, or the requirements do not meet those outlined below for the destination country, you will need to fulfil one of the below criteria. Please hold documentation proving your vaccination status or confirming your negative test result (as appropriate). Checks may be made by our UK based team prior to travel, or during your trip by your tour leader. If you are unable to provide proof when requested on the trip, you will need to take a COVID test locally, at your own expense.

Exodus’ COVID-Clear requirements - All customers will need to have one of the below in place prior to travel.

1. Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with the last dose having been administered no less than two weeks prior to travel.  The total number of doses must have been given, as required by the vaccine manufacturer (in most cases this is two doses). 

  • The NHS app (if you have signed up and are verified) now shows your vaccination status under ‘Your COVID-19 status’ and is available as a pdf. Please select the ‘For Travel’ option.

2.  A negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of travel

  • This can be either a lateral flow or PCR test.
  • The certificate provided by your private testing provider can be used to demonstrates this.


Approved Destinations​ 

We actively monitor the status of our global destinations and will only operate your holiday if it is safe to do so. In almost all cases, this is informed by the travel advice of the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Exodus will not operate trips to a country or region if the FCDO have an advisory against travel in place.

We keep a close eye on individual destination entry requirements, as well as any local regulations in relation to COVID, using the FCDO as our primary source of information. Customers will be able to review these using our Country Specific Guides. If entry requirements or the local regulations do not allow for the trip to run as outlined, we will not operate the tour.

You can visit our Travel Hub or contact our Travel Experts at any time for the latest information on local travel guidelines, country entry requirements or health certifications. 


Clean & Safe

All accommodation, transport, meal locations and venues used on Exodus trips will meet our minimum standards in relation to safety, health and hygiene, as well as the local requirements in the destination country.

Exodus Travels has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp, which provides travellers with additional assurance that we have adopted health and hygiene global standards designed to keep your travels as safe as possible.

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