Icebergs in Greenland


Don’t let the name fool you – this is a landscape of extremes, wild, glaciated and beautiful

Greenland Holidays

Greenland is the world’s largest island, and home to a staggering coast-to-coast ice sheet that covers 80% of its land and reaches depths of three kilometres. For many people, Greenland holidays are the ultimate in Polar adventures. Towns cling to its rocky coastline, pristine fjords eat into the landscape and vast glaciers slowly carve their way through the mountains.

In the short summer season, the Midnight Sun brings 24-hour daylight to the island, and it’s a wonderful place to spot wildlife such as Polar bears, Humpback whales, Musk oxen, walruses, reindeer and Sea eagles. And, due to the country's isolation and northerly position, Greenland trips offer excellent chances of seeing the Northern Lights during the winter months.

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Greenland Holidays

Greenland highlights

Northern Greenland has some of the fastest-moving glaciers in the world, including the most productive glacier outside of Antarctica, the Sermeq Kujalleq. At 10km wide and 1,000m thick, it’s enormous. Reaching the sea in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ilulissat Icefjord, on the west coast, the glacier produces more than 10% of the icebergs in Greenland, corresponding to 20 million tonnes of ice per day.

Eastern Greenland is the island's most isolated region, with its remote coastal communities demonstrating traditional ways of life that are now long past in other areas of the country. Here, you'll find the remains of Thule winter houses, once inhabited by the ancestors of Greenland’s indigenous people. The region is also home to the world's largest fjord complex, Ittoqqortoormiit (formerly known as Scoresbysund), and Iceberg Alley, where majestic 'bergs tower above sea level.