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About Exodus Edits

Exodus Edits is a collection of bitesize, adventure-filled holidays where you’ll travel with a small group of like-minded people in their 30s and 40s.

It was an idea born of busy professionals who were asking us for easy-to-plan, easy-to-book, shorter durations holidays that don’t scrimp on challenges, excitement and memorable moments.

We needed to know more. So we asked over 1,000 travellers in their 30s and 40s what they want from their trips abroad. 60% said they want to travel with people who are a similar age to them. And 70% said they want to maximise their annual leave by taking a few shorter trips away.


Shorter trips for people in their 30s and 40s

The answer? We went back to the drawing board and designed edited versions of epic trips. We got realistic about how far your annual leave can stretch. But it’s not just the time away that’s compacted. By meticulously planning each day for you, there’s less holiday research time needed. No more trawling through questionable online reviews to find a decent and authentic restaurants and experiences – that’s left to our expert trip leaders.

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Experiential travel

We believe that travel beyond your gap year era shouldn’t mean unimaginative fly and flops devoid of culture and discovery. However little time you have with a career in the mix, with a bit of smart planning, adventure can still come in abundance. Whether that’s scaling Mount Toubkal at the weekend, cycling through the Prosecco Hills, or trying your hand at surfing in Costa Rica. But our Edits trips are more than just activities. You’ll meet locals, even eat, travel and work alongside them on some trips. You’ll taste local flavours in neighbourhood eateries. And sometimes, when the tourist troops go one way, you’ll go the other and venture into lesser-explored regions. 

Flying solo

Perhaps you have someone to travel with, but then again, maybe not. Either way, on an Edits trip, you’ll have the chance to share your travel aspirations and awesome experiences with others. There’s the option for single travellers to book a ‘solo room’ options, or ‘save and share’ to meet, share and save with another solo adventurer. Who knows, maybe you’ll make friends for life?