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Pura Vida Costa Rica

  • Brown spider monkey just showing off!
  • Brown spider monkey at Tortuguero, wanting to be Usain Bolt.
  • Keel billed toucan, I think, in the middle of a long squawk.
  • White faced capuchin monkey, big leap from small monkey.
  • Green sea turtle hatchlings racing for the Caribbean Ocean.
  • Green sea turtle hatchling paddling through the sand to the ocean.
  • Almost there! Green sea turtle hatchling almost in the ocean.
  • Brown howler monkey hanging around, takiing things easy. Pura vida.
  • White faced capuchin sitting in a tree...
  • Sloth! Three toed variety.
  • Hummingbird in a flap.
  • Hummingbirds in a bit of an argument.  They were right little bullies to each other.
  • Some hummingbirds just have no manners at all.
  • Trees fall into the river, the local Banksy had a go at this one.
Photographs from my trip to Costa Rica in September 2013.

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