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Grant Winner - Yvette Gonzalez

Sky Indicators x Climate: A Noctilucent Cloud Observation Mobile App Toward Climate Monitoring

Yvette is a bioastronautics and atmospheric researcher, spacesuit technician, and human resilience expert.

She is amember of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics, and Native Americans in Science.

Through her project, Sky Indicators x Climate, Yvette plans to collect high-quality photos and videos of the extremely rare noctilucent clouds from one of the most optimal locations in Europe. Recently, these clouds have been appearing more often, which is a direct result of an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, particularly methane.

Yvette plans to analyze existing data from the Facebook citizen-science group and create a citizen-science mobile application to document noctilucent clouds around the world. The project moves to Improve the understanding of the human influence on a range of climate characteristics causing climate change. 


Country of research: Germany

Field of research: Climate Science