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The Tiger Habitat Project

Tiger Habitat Project

Bandhavgarh National Park, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is home to one of the last few concentrations of Bengal Tigers on Earth. Despite being declared a Tiger Reserve in 1968, the Tigers are facing the threat of poaching and encroachment on their land by the many villages surrounding the park.

Forest clearing is a major threat to the tiger habitat as it reduces their shelter and security. Exodus is supporting the Tiger Habitat project, which aims to reduce the amount of wood being used by local people in their everyday activities. Reducing the need for wood consumption will reduce human activity in the forest, which will reduce human-tiger conflict. This is being done through the modification of wooden cattle sheds in 150 households in the Kaluabah, Pathari and Mardari villages, and swapping wood burning stoves for energy efficient smart stoves in 280 households across the Kaluabah, Mardari, Gadawah, Pathari and Gohadi villages.

Renewing cattle sheds will potentially save 1300 trees over the next decade and swapping the cook stoves will save approximately 84 tonnes of wood per year, which is vital for protection of the tiger population. The new cookstoves will also benefit women and children by decreasing the risk of smoke inhalation during cooking.

W O R T H   M O R E   A L I V E  X

The Tiger Habitat Project is supported by Worth More Alive.  Worth More Alive is a fundraising campaign devised and led by our very own expert guide and award-winning wildlife photographer, Paul Goldstein to support the protection of the endangered Bengal Tiger. In 2019, in the tenth iteration of this campaign, he vowed to raise £100,000 by undertaking three marathons in his now famous tiger suit. He completed the Brighton marathon, closely followed by the London Marathon in 2021 and will travel to Nepal to complete the gruelling Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon on 29th May 2022. To find out more and support Paul’s epic mission click here.