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We would like to introduce four very special bloggers, all with their own unique and fascinating backgrounds, but with one thing very much in common - the passion for travel.

Exodus will be sending these four bloggers on four very different adventures to bring back stories and anecdotes from four corners of the globe.

Michael Hodson (Go See Write) will be pedalling past volcanoes and rainforests in Costa Rica. Ayngelina Brogan (Bacon is Magic) will be encountering unique wildlife in the enchanted Galapagos Islands. Sherry Ott (Otts World) will be trekking through rugged landscapes in Oman and Lisa Lubin (LL World Tour) will be discovering untouched and traditional areas in Bhutan.

Click on the images below to view their blogs and keep up to date with their news pre, during and post trip!

Ayngelina Brogan

Nearly three years ago I left a five-year relationship and a great career in advertising and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico. I have returned to Toronto but not the career nor the relationship. Today I am building a new life where I can be based out of Toronto, but continue to discover the world.  

Ayngelina Brogan

 I am really looking forward to doing an organized group tour. I love independent travel but sometimes planning where to stay and what to do can be tiring. It will be great to meet a @Ayngelinabunch of new people and just leave the details to someone else.

Lisa LubinI am a three-time Emmy® Award winning television writer, producer, and photographer. After more than a decade in broadcasting, I decided to chuck it all and take a sabbatical of sorts, which turned into nearly three years travelling and eating my way around the world. I document my (mis)adventures on my blog,, with photographs and articles from the road/train/rickshaw/camel. 

Lisa Lubin

While I mostly travel independently, I do occasionally enjoy “low to the ground” group tours and love the camaraderie that comes with a group dynamic. I love that Exodus uses local guides to really share a sense of place and culture and the fact that they also pride Follow LLWorldTour on Twitterthemselves on responsible tourism is very important to me.


Michael HodsonI was an attorney in the United States for about ten years before I shut down my practice, sold it all, and set out at the end of 2008 to circle the world without using a plane. Sixteen months later, I succeeded and just kept going.

Michael Hodson

I'm excited to be on an Exodus Tour because their company fits right in with one of the primFollow GoSeeWrite on twittere rationales of my travels -- environmentally responsible travel.



Sherry OttI’m Sherry Ott and I escaped my cube and New York City corporate career 6 years ago and have been travelling the globe in search of unique travel experiences. My goal at is to make you wish you were somewhere else!  I love outdoor adventure and cultural immersion in my travels, which means that I can hike long distances, eat anything, milk a goat, and remove leeches when necessary.

Sherry Ott

I’m excited to get off the beaten track with Exodus this spring and really explore an area deeper than I can on my own.  Adventure is calling!

Ottsworld on Twitter

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