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Exodus Edits: Travelling alone in your 30s and 40s

Top Tips for Travelling Alone in Your 30s and 40s

The number of people that have travelled alone in the last 12 months has doubled compared to six years ago, according to ABTA’s latest stats. The reasons for this are varied. Many now enjoy immersing themselves in groups of like-minded travellers abroad or perhaps find it much easier to navigate the world due to improved technology and new apps. For some, it’s also the chance to experience other cultures. But there is no doubt that solo travel is becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re in your 30s or 40s and you’re considering travelling alone this year – perhaps even for the first time – then Exodus Edits can help you with our top tips for your trip.


Wear a huge smile

Even though you’re technically a solo traveller, you’ll be placed in a group with people who share your love for experiencing new destinations when you choose to travel with Exodus! Because of this, you’ll make friends in no time. By opening up and being friendly, you’ll be able to form great relationships with other individuals. Wear a big smile and you’ll soon start striking up conversations with fellow travellers.


Try something you’ve never done before

One of the best things about travelling solo is that you don’t have to compromise on anything you want to do. No matter whether you want to discover Bali or get to know Portugal, no one can stop you from doing whatever is on your must-see list.

surfing portugal


Make sure you pack light

It can be very tempting to bring everything in your wardrobe. Unfortunately, when you're travelling alone, it means you’ll have to carry everything, too. Before embarking on your solo trip, ensure you do your research on the weather so that you can pack appropriately. Don’t forget to include items for any activities you might be doing too – a mountain climb in Morocco without hiking boots would be impossible.


Look after yourself

This one may be obvious, but it is always vital to stay safe and healthy. Make sure you’ve done your research on local customs and laws; read up on whether you need to avoid ice in your drinks; and found a safe place for your debit or credit card before you go. Staying with another individual from your group is always a good idea too.


Be patient

When you’re discovering new destinations, you could find yourself getting frustrated with how other countries operate. Even though you may be used to a home country where things run smoothly and efficiently, this might not be the case in the locations you're travelling to. You might experience lots of traffic, late public transport and unfriendly staff – but don’t let these put you off. There will be many more positives than negatives!


Take lots of photos

While you may prefer to spend your time looking at the spectacular sights rather than a screen, don’t let that stop you documenting some of the more special moments on your trip. Whether that is spending a night under the stars in Jordan or cycling through Turkey, capturing these moments not only allow you to re-visit these amazing opportunities but also give you lots of memories to share with your friends and families.


When you’ve snapped some pictures, post them online

Sharing your photos and experiences on social media will keep those you're connected with up to date on your movements. And, once all the photos are uploaded, you can get tagging your new friends from your trip! If the others in your group have also taken pictures, make sure they share them with you too.

Do what makes you happy on your solo trip – and make lots of memories and new friendships along the way.

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