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Pick your challenge - Exodus Cycling Fitness Guide

The pace of two wheels allows you to absorb every sight and sound, every delicate smell and flavour, making cycling one of the best ways to explore a country.

Whatever you select as your challenge, preparation will be key, so the riding feels like a breeze and you can enjoy all that is on offer.

To match our growing variety of trips we have come up with a fitness plan to help you prepare.

There are stretches to get you warmed up, help with your flexibility and keep you free from injury, and then there are 3 strength training plans increasing in intensity relative to your fitness and intended holiday.

Here, we feature a selection of stretches and strength exercises from each training plan in the fitness guide to get you started. So, whether you are planning to freewheel along the banks of the Loire River, climb the Himalaya or race like Wiggo, we have something to help you achieve your goal.

Download the complete fitness plan
or the sections to your computer or you can print off the parts appropriate to your desired training regime.

Complete plan | Stretches | Strength 1 | Strength 2 | Strength 3