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Cuba Walking & Trekking Holidays

Cuba holds a unique place on today's political and tourist map. The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba has been the focal point of some of the most dramatic political confrontations of the 20th century. Before the revolution, Cuba was the most popular Caribbean holiday destination and the country now has its doors open to foreign visitors once again. What awaits the adventurous traveller is an island that possesses a vibrancy and naivety that is rare in today's commercial climate. There is a huge amount to see in Cuba, whether your interests are in colonial or modern political history, or landscapes and peoples.
That is not to say that Cuba does not possess a very real, tangible identity. The Revolution has made Cuba a world leader in literacy, medicine, sport and culture. Throughout the island the beat and the rhythms of son and salsa fill the air. These intoxicating sounds, originally a mixture of African drums and Spanish guitar, have evolved over the years into one of the most distinctive musical genres. Impromptu live performances are a common occurrence, and will form an integral part of any trip to Cuba.
A trekking holiday to Cuba is an unusual but very effective way to see this unique island. We can hike to Fidel's jungle hideout in the Sierra Maestra and visit Santa Clara, where Che Guevara led the final armed action of the revolution, culminating in the overthrow of the dictator Batista. Our walking holiday in Cuba takes us up into three of the most mountainous areas, most of which are jungle covered. Look out for hummingbirds and listen for the distinctive sound of the Tocororo, the Cuban national bird. Climb Turquino, at 1974m the highest peak on the island, and walk through the beautiful Topes de Collantes National Park in the Sierra de Escambray.
Now Fidel has stepped down there may be huge changes within Cuba. We strongly recommend visiting the island soon, before it starts to lose the unique and charming character that makes it so attractive.


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