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Trekking Highlights of Cuba (2017)

Trekking highlights of Cuba

Good holiday for anyone wanting to see lots of different areas of Cuba. Quite a lot of internal travelling involved but worth it to see so much of the country. Combines mountains with small towns, rural life with city. Worth staying a few extra days in La Habanna at the end of trip and making it out to the beach independently. Despite rumours to the contrary, the food is great. Sierra Maestra is the best trekking but this is not really a trekking holiday. Most of the walks are short enough - if tiring due to the humidity and occasional steep ascent. Glad to report no major insect bite issues - sufferers like me will always need the antihistamines handy, but needed just for occassional bites rather than mass attacks on this holiday. Take the advice on bringing cash - my card was declined even when I found an atm. And best to relax into the culture - queueing is a way of life and food on offer is whatever's available not what's written on the menu. Prepare to be managed - independent forays off to the side are possible but require a relaxed mindset - just as well you're on holiday and not in a hurry.
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