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Although an awful lot of driving -- plus two internal flights -- it was a "Discoverer" trip and we certainly did see -- and do -- a lot and, OMG, having been on many trips/tours, Madagascar was more "In the Past" than I have been on before but, while extremely poor, peoples seemed well-fed and were invariably pleasant and always putting forth their best effort to keep things neat and clean (where dirt and dust was everywhere)
***** Written

An Adventure for the Determined Traveller

Madagascar, in spite of its well-known-about environmental depredations, is full of beauty and interest, and is the least modernised (and spoilt) third-world country I've yet visited. The rural areas, with their wonderful mud-brick and thatched buildings and Zebu-drawn carts and ploughs are barely touched by time, and the people welcoming and friendly. But this tour is geared more for the wildlife enthusiast (and Lemur-lover) than the pictorial photographer, and the relatively primitive conditions, the extremes of temperature, the unavoidable of gastro-intestinal infections, and the very long journeys, constantly on the move from place to place by cramped coach on very bad roads, make this one for the tough and determined traveller.
***** Written

Madagascar Discoverer

I loved this trip and would even rate it as excellent, but future travelers need to understand that Madagascar is a third, possibly 4th world country. So there are, as some others have said, days of long drives on bad roads and heavy dust, and days with limited electricity, but it is all worth it to discover the beauty of Madagascar and its wildlife and people. This is a fascinating place, albeit being slowly destroyed, and my hope is that her future can be secured by people interested enough to tour there.
***** Written

Trip of a lifetime

We enjoy travelling to endangered places and Madagascar is certainly one of these! The wealth of indigenous fauna and flora is quite incredible. Added to this the beauty of the island with its hugely varied landscape and delightful people makes it a truly incredible destination. The organised visit takes in so much of what the island has to offer that we felt we developed a good understanding of the many facets of island life in the 2 week stay.
***** Written

Too much time in transit

Veteran ecotourists will be disappointed.  Most of the time spent on this trip was in transit, and always on vehicles without air conditioning (in a hot climate).  The lack of government oversight has resulted in a degredation of the National Parks through neglect, slash and burn agriculture, and illegal logging.  The remaining slivers of protected areas are more like outdoor zoos rather than wild areas.  Many of the good photos you might see from this trip are taken from a captive reptile farm and a lemur sanctuary.  Most hotels lacked screens on the windows or air conditioning, which made for very uncomfortable sleeping.  There is very little walking on this trip.  The large group size (16) meant that only people in the front of the group were able to see birds and snakes before they departed.  The capital city is not safe day or night.  It is difficult and time consuming to obtain any money after leaving the airport, which did not always give correct amounts when changing money.  Since you must pay for all your own meals, this quickly became a problem for some of our group.   The guides were excellent on this trip, but it is sad the government of Madagascar is not adequately protecting the last remaining vestiges of natural habitat.  If you have been on prior wildlife viewing holidays you will be disappointed with this trip.  People with breathing problems such as asthma should never attempt this trip, as the slash and burn smoke sometimes does not abate for days.

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