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The third largest country in Africa is home to huge swathes of desert and more pyramids than Egypt

Adventure Holidays in Sudan

There is a place where the sweeping hills of desert sand stretch out beyond the horizon, where the Blue and White Nile join before meandering over cataracts, where there are more pyramids than in Egypt and where welcoming hospitality is simply a way of life. This is a holiday to Sudan. On our Sudan holidays you can travel off the beaten path in the Western and Nubian Deserts, camp under the Sahara night sky, get up close to the pyramids and explore the ancient Black Pharaoh temples. The Sudanese often describe their country as the whole of Africa in one country because there is so much so see and do. Travel on holiday to Sudan with Exodus, and we have enough packed into our adventure holiday to satisfy all types of intrepid traveller.

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Sudan Adventure Holidays

Highlights of Sudan

“Driving out into the Sahara for three days in a really unexplored part of the world is a proper adventureYou may even have to get out and help push! But it’s worth it when you're camping in the wilds of the Sahara, miles away from any light pollution so the sky and stars are incredible. We also visit temples and pyramids. Not many people know that the the pharaohs went all the way down into Nubia, and the Sahara actually has more pyramids than Egypt. The Nubian villages are very colourful and traditional, and there’s a wonderful contrast between the raw desert beauty with these ancient cultures. Here we experience local culture and attend a Whirling Dervish trance session.”

Product Manager Tom Harari. Read more insights from our Experts here.

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