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Number of Reviews: 4 Overall score: *****
***** Written

cycling croatia and slovenia

A good trip to a beautiful area, but the trip could have been very good or excellent with a few changes to pace (the overall pace of the cycling was quite quick for a moderate trip; at this pace we do need more coffee stops please!) and timings and location of coffee and lunch stops. It was good to have more than one night in some hotels, especially in Rovinj.
***** Written

MVI - Clycling Croatia and Slovenia

What a great trip. Guest Houses in nice locations just far enough out of town centres, good hearty variety breakfasts, some tough hills but the reward is amazing scenery, adequate drink breaks/stops, water topped up by the support driver (THANKS), and a great on and off-road adrenaline route. Plus Croatia has great and cheap food and bear/wine. A great exhausted feeling at the end of the day gives a good nights sleep. Then repeat five more times! Loved it!!
***** Written

Cycling Croatia and Slovenia

Great holiday great people,and the bikes were of a very high standard.
***** Written

Cycling in Croatia and Slovenia

Wonderful cycling in some stunning scenery along the Croatian coast and the nearby hills, a short ride in Slovenia and an enjoyable half-day in beautiful Ljubljana. I thought Slovenia was very attractive and would like to have had more time in Slovenia: ideally 3 days cycling in each country plus half a day in Ljubljana.

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