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Winter Activity Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With much of the country covered by mountainous terrain and previously host to the 1984 Winter Olympics, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the perfect destination for some winter wilderness exploration. The winter season gets started in January and runs through to early March. The temperatures at this time are around 4° to -5°C in Sarajevo and can drop to as low as -15°C in the mountains. Snow can fall at any time in this period but there are often days of glorious sunshine on which to enjoy the fabulous vistas.

The conditions and the topography ensure that Bosnia offers fantastic snowshoeing opportunities through its sparsely populated and lesser visited mountains. You will feel as though you have stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia as you make your way through the pine forests and past majestic frozen waterfalls. While staying in the local ‘Katuni’ settlements you will have the opportunity to try home smoked meat and homemade brandy and on a clear night it will be worth stepping outside to admire a star-filled sky.

Bosnia also has an intriguing history and a visit to Tunnel Museum and the famous Mostar bridge add a fascinating cultural dimension to your visit. Walking around the streets of Sarajevo you will be able to absorb the atmosphere of this vibrant city, which is a perfect complement to your winter adventure.

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