WUC - Discover Costa Rica (24/11/18)

Hi to any fellow Travellers going on this trip, I've heard great things about Costa Rica and its been on my "to do" list for many years and as a keen wildlife photographer I'm really looking forward to it

We are also booked in this trip. It is showing as full already so a very popular time to go! I have just bought the Rough Guide to Costa Rica which has an excellent section on wildlife which will help with identification if the tour leader is not around.

Linda and Max

Hi Paul.

I was looking on the forum to see if anyone on our trip to Sri Lanka was on there, but noticed you had posted your holiday to Costa Rica. How are you keeping. I cant beleive it been 2 years since we were in India. Should be some great photo opportunities for you again. Are you travelling alone, or is your wife going along too?

Have a great holiday

John & Jan


Apologies for the delay in replying to your Post - I have had issues with being locked out of this Forum re Passwords not working etc but Exodus have now fixed it. We were surprised how quick it got booked up and that came as a huge disappointment to our best friends who we normally travel with who kept putting off making a decision, decided to go in the end but now find they can't join us so I am now short of a drinking buddy!

Have you travelled with Exodus before? We've been on a few now as we like the format and have recommended them to others. I'm a keen wildlife photographer and went to a lecture recently on the birds / wildlife of Costa Rica and was amazed at the beauty of the wildlife there - I think when evolution was happening they banned all drab / brown birds as everything there is loud and bright and beautiful colours so hoping for some great photo opportunities

Lynn and I look forward to meeting you guys in November

Paul & Lynn

Hi John & Jan,

Apologies for the delay in replying to your Post - I have had issues with being locked out of this Forum re Passwords not working etc but Exodus have now fixed it.

Great to hear from you again - I too can't believe it is 2 years since India - I still count that trip as one of the best I've done, its not every day you get to tick off meeting someone you've always admired and wanted to meet - I still wear the coloured string he gave us and still can't believe we had that experience.

Last year we did our own thing and rented a 32ft Rv and drove 2000 miles across Eastern Canada from Toronto to Nova Scotia and this year in March I did a short backpacking break with my brother to see a friend in Jodhpur in India to experience the Holi Festival (paint throwing etc) which was an incredible experience and a great photo opportunity but Costa Rica is somewhere that  has always been on my wifes bucket list so we're back with Exodus again and looking forward to it

Have you been to Sri Lanka before? Its a great place with lovely people and it will be better than when we did it in the 90's as the north was closed off due to the Tamil Tigers etc. I hope you have a great time.

Thanks for getting in touch and hope to keep in contact - I will try and find our email list we had and contact you via email

All the best guys


Our first trip with Exodus.  We have done a couple with Explore but they didn't do the itinerary we wanted in Costa Rica and also their hotels are not quite as nice!  Really looking forward to the trip.  Hopefully we have picked a good time of year with not too much rain.  We are both very keen on wildlife and having spoken to a few people that have been to Costa Rica before we should see quite a bit of it with a good guide.

hi everyone - I’m going on this trip in November. Not long to go now! It’s my first Exodus trip and I’m going on my own. Looking forward to meeting my fellow travellers! Michele

Hi Michele, unfortunately we are on the Discover Cost Rica trip leaving 24th Nov so we won't get to meet you but this will be our 5th Exodus trip so rest assured you will have a great time and being on your own is not a problem, they are always friendly groups - have a great holiday!


Hi all, my name is Jayne and I am booked on this trip too. My second exodus trip and I am really looking forward to it. I'm travelling from Birmingham so will meet you all once I arrive.

Hi all, my name is Jayne and I am booked on this trip too. My second exodus trip and I am really looking forward to it. I'm travelling from Birmingham so will meet you all once I arrive.

Hi jayne, look forward to meeting you on the trip, my wife and I have done quite a few with Exodus and have always been impressed with the format and quality of the trips and from talking to many people who've been to Costa Rica and said its an incredible place I hope we're in for a great experience

Hi All, I am also booked on this trip and really looking forwards to seeing the wildlife and the Country too - my one wish is to see baby turtles making their way down the beaches to the sea and I think this is a good time of year for that!! I've ben with Exodus wuite a few times now and really like the way they run trip - they are always smaller grouops so you get to know everyone. I'm travelling on my own too - and may bump into some of you at Fatwick - or in San Jose if not. See you all very soon, Sarah

Hi Sarah

Max and I are flying from Gatwick as well. we will have ot Exodus luggage labels so you may see us! We are getting very excited about the trip now and have been reading the Rough Guide to Costa Rica which is only a year old so pretty up to date. We too are hopeful of seeing turtles hatching so fingers crossed we will be lucky. We are staying at the Laguna Lodge in Tortuguero which is on the beach so there should be plenty of opportunity.

Linda and Max

We (a group of 3 ladies and myself) are also flying from gatwick so we will look out for you as well as Linda and Max - we will have EXPLORE luggage labels on our hand luggage as the Exodus ones will be on the main luggage. My wifes No 1 thing she wants to see is a Sloth (2 or 3 toed, she's not fussy!) but it would be great to see Turtles too. Did you see the BBC's Big Cats series and the nightime Thermal Image footage where the Jaguar waited for the incoming Turtles to come in lay their eggs so it could grab a fully grown 35Kg Turtle and drag it up the beach - that was Costa Rica in November so we may be lucky - fingers crossed. Look forward to meeting everyone - would be great to say hello at Gatwick. bye for now - Paul & Lynn

Hi Linda and Max, Paul and Lynn - thanks for your posts. I'll have Exodus tags on my bag so will look out for you all - although it will be quite early in the morning so may be a bit bleary eyed!!! I too would love to see a sloth - they have such weird little faces. Not long now!! Sarah.

I have a list of all the hotels with phone numbers for our trip if anyone wants it?

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