Hi to my fellow travellers

I don’t see any posts for this trip but I take it I shall not be all on my own 😊

It’s my first trip to India and I am getting quite excited about the prospect. It would be lovely to chat with some of my fellow travellers before we set off.

 I shall be coming direct from Scotland and I shall be travelling on my own.






Hi Andrea! 
you are not alone! I will be on this trip too with my partner! Also both excited. 

It sounds to be a great journey, looking forward to meeting you all.

Lovely to hear from Pasam and Veronica. I am looking forward to meeting you and my fellow travellers next month. 

Kind regards


Did this trip last year. Had a great time with a really good group. A lot of travelling but several stop offs made it ok and if you get  the excellent Sam George as tour guide say hallo from me . Top man!    Mysor palace lit up was a bonus

I will indeed pass on your regards if we get Sam.

Was there anything you didn’t take with you that you wished with hindsight you had? I have not been to India before and I am usually not prone to overpacking but I think there is always something, wherever I go that I wish I had thought of.



Pack light  we had pools in some hotels but not much chance to use tho some did have a quick dip .good shoes for walking  .not much dressing up done in the evening just casual. Fleece for early wildlife tour  keep your expectations low , great tour but no tigers on our tours. Going Rahjestan this time hope 

Jo my wife says anti bacterial hand wipes/tissues as toilet paper no always there. Didn't use much sunscreen and no mozzy stuff used. Food was great and no one got the dellybelly so enjoy it !

Music to my ears Mick, good food and no hungry mossies. Thanks to Jo for the packing tips.

One more question, can I find an adapter for UK plugs easily enough? I have been looking one in the shops but so far no luck.


Enjoy your trip to Rahjestan.

I had same problem and only place was Amazon . Funny cant remember use it much but it wasn't much to be save also a multi usb plug to charge cameras batteries etc. def used on rice boat and was only place someone saw a mozzy but our room had a plug in deterant

Am on the trip too.  Are you all flying out of heathrow?

Have been to india before and adapters are readily available, cheap, at most stores.  I

Hi Gail, I am not coming on the group trip because it’s easier for me to come direct from Glasgow. All going well I should arrive 30 mins before the group . Looking forward to meeting everyone.



Me and my partner will be flying from Heathrow, I'm currently ironing clothes to pack but I just don't know what to bring at all. It says females should cover up, but how covered up? i know obviously  have to be respectful but it's going to be so hot! 

Hi Paris and Sam

what date are you flying ?  22 Feb ?if so see you at check in!

went souther India last year heat not too bad about 30to 35c .we are going knee length shorts and long light trousers and casual.

Hi Mick, 

yes we are going on the 22nd, see you at check in! 

ok great, I have a some trousers, long dresses and all in ones hopefully it's ok 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Well aleast we know we're not alone on trip now!  My wife Jo says we did get much time to dress up too much last time. She will take a shawl of some sort. Some old shoes or sand led as shoe not allowed in temples  bare feet or socks ok. May be a little chillie early morning game drives . Look forward to meeting you 

Also get in to Cochin before Gatwick group.  Flying from Birmingham via Dubai.


any ideas on rupees, obviously we can't get them here, do we get them at the airport before we fly or do we get them when we actually land? 

Get them on landing at the airport or local bank.. No large denominations and make sure notes are clean!  Keep any paperwork regarding currency transactions then you should have no trouble changing them back before we leave.


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