Everest Base Camp - 28th Apr to 18th May

Hi fellow trekkers,

I would love to hear from anyone else who is going on this unique expedition to stay at Everest Base Camp for 2 days led by Valerie Parkinson. I have never been on a trip like this and it would be great to swap tips and ideas.

Really excited and looking forward to this once in a life time trip!!

Look forward to hearing from youBoz


Hi boz

Looking forward to this one, i have not been on anything like this before so i am also looking for tips, especially on what to take clothing wise.




Hello Boz. Sorry for butting in-a slow day at work! My partner and I always use a regime of drinking loads, one aspirin per day, which thins the blood slightly, plus 2 x 120mg Gingko when trekking at high altitude, and have always got to the tops with no problems. The only time either of us suffered symptoms was a lack of appetite on the last day on Kili. A Google search should tell you all you need to know about Gingko (available at Holland & Barrett). And, the Exodus treks are designed to help you acclimatise well, so don't worry and enjoy the trek-Nepal is amazing.


No, your not butting in at all. Any advise is good advise. I was thinking along the same lines. 100mg x 2 per day and start maybe 1 or 2 weeks before I leave and carry on taking it for the entire trek or atleast when I get back to Kathmandu. I see you have done quite a few treks with exodus, its my first time with exodus ... well my first trek ever!!

Do you recommend doing or seeing anything in particular in Kathmandu? Apart from the Buddha Stupa and Pashupatinath temples …?


Hi Boz. Our experience of Kathmandu after 2 trips there (number 3 later this year!) is that there is not enought time to see it all. Bodnath Stupa, the ghats at Pashupatinath  and Durbar Square should be near the top of the list as they are close to the centre. The tourist area of Thamel has some great knock off kit bargains. Swayambhunath is a little further, but still walkable, although your legs will be tired when you've climbed to the top. Patan & Bhaktapur, the old cities, are a longer taxi ride, but well worth seeing. Kathmandu is absolute madness-enjoy!

Hi there,

My name is Nick Barrett and I'm booked on the Everest Base Camp Expedition Trek departing on 28th April. Thought it would be nice to get acquainted with my fellow trekkers. Like Boz I'm a first timer and would welcome any advice or suggestions from more experienced trekkers; Dave's tip about Ghinko and Asprin are really timely as I was thinking about altitude sickness. I've done a lot of walking over the years - Lake District, peak District, Ben Nevis, etc and am really looking forward to this one. I'm planning on doing some practice treks ahead of departure including a trek training day with Mick Cain at Trekhire UK.

Nick B

Nick B

Hi Boz,

Yes I'm booked on the group flight. See you on the plane on 28th april.



Hi Nick,

I agree with you, im going to be taking Ginko and Asprin.

I tried my water purification tablets which didn’t taste all too good so I am also taking rehydration sachet and lucozade sachets, to help flavour the water and keep me going.

The weather out there seems to be getting wetter by the day, I think will need to put everything into dry sacks.

A odd question, but how much money is everyone planning to taking and what currency. Im thinking based on the trip notes £400 in US dollars (excl … money for shopping)


Hi Boz (again),

It's just occurred to me if you are going to bring a large amount of cash invest in a money belt to wear INSIDE your clothes. DO NOT use an external money belt or bum bag as they are too easilly infiltrated by thieves.


Nick B


Hello everybody.  Just wanted to say a big hello to you all in the final few hours and wish you all well with your packing.  I've already packed, unpacked and repacked my kit bag.  I've even polished my walking boots which is something I never really do!!  Really looking forward to meeting you all and joining you on this very special trip to Everest Base Camp.  So, I'll bid you all a safe onward journey and will be looking out for other Exodus kit bags at Heathrow on Wednesday. Rachel.


Looking forward to meeting you all too!!



Hi all ... Not long to go now, hope everyones packed and in the weight limit! I cant wait to get out of the office and in the fresh air. Will look out for you all at heathrow or New Delhi airport!!

See you all soon.


Hi All,

Well not long now and like the rest of you I can't wait for tomorrow evening. You wont see my Exodus kitbag at Heathrow cos it's flat packed in my largest suit case - I'm taking additional clothes to wear in kathmandu. Just look for a shortish bloke with short greying hair, a bald patch on the back of his head and glasses. By the way anything you don't need for the actual trek can be left in safe keeping at the Royal Singi Hotel.

 See you tomorrow evening.

Nick B

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