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Cape Verde is an island paradise, a tiny volcanic archipelago off the coast of mainland Africa where the tropical climate and long history of ancient trading routes blend to make an incredible destination.

Evidence of Cape Verde’s volcanic beginnings is everywhere, in the mountainous backdrop down to the soft sandy beaches. The fertile soil here makes for lush green valleys, where plantations of sugar cane, banana, papaya and mango thrive. Walking here is a joy, for the variety of scenery makes every day a new discovery – and the chance to enjoy island hopping on the ferries just adds to the experience.

Eating is elevated from fuel to flavour sensation by the rich variety of fresh ingredients, where delicious sun-ripened fresh fruit is a daily treat. For main meals, hearty local strews of grilled meats, fresh fish and pulses like beans are accompanied with rice. West African spices rub shoulders with Portuguese traditions and South American flair. The cultural hot pot of influences means each dish is a sensory delight but is a result of the Atlantic Slave Trade in the 16th and 17th centuries, when these islands were a stop off en route.

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In focus: Cape Verde Walking Holidays

Cape Verde is a hidden gem. The climate makes for glorious warm, sunny weather perfect for hikers; the perfect winter sun escape for when the weather back home is cold and dreary. Here, clear skies ensure spectacular views across the island range and a little effort reaps incredible rewards across the volcanic landscapes.

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