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Winners of the 2010 Exodus Tour Leader Awards


You may remember that early last year we launched the 2010 Exodus Leader of the Year award.  This is our annual competition, which we designed to 'shine a light' on to our tour leaders, to shout about what a great job they do and to try and find the 'Best of the Best'.

We received nearly 2000 entries with more than 600 leaders being nominated. In order to find our top selection from this vast number of entries, we assembled an uber-team of travel experts including some of the senior staff at Exodus and included Justin Francis, the founder and Managing Director of

After many, many hours of careful considered deliberation, we managed to find a very worthy short list of 10 leaders.  From this short list we awarded 8 Highly Commended leader awards, 1 award for Best Newcomer award and one very worthy Overall winner award.

Meet the 'Best of the Best': Overall Winner 2010: Roshan Fernando from Sri Lanka

 Roshan Fernando from Sri Lanka Tour Leader AwardsRoshan received uniformly fantastic feedback across 2010 - an amazing achievement considering that he leads the same itinerary almost back to back in his native Sri Lanka.  His immense knowledge, fantastic sense of humour, boundless enthusiasm and deep understanding of Brits (what makes us 'tick' and what we want from our holiday) makes him an invaluable leader for Exodus and was obviously recognized by his clients in 2010 too!

Judges comments:
"Roshan has had another incredible year.  His feedback has been uniformly fantastic throughout 2010.  He leads the same itinerary almost back to back and manages to make every client feel as though it is the first time he has led it.  His phenomenal knowledge of Sri Lanka and combined with deep understanding of British clients (and their varied needs) makes him the perfect leader. "

View Roshan's profile here

Best Newcomer 2010: Kumar Shrestha: 

Judges comments:

 Kumar ShresthaKumar only started running cycling trips for Exodus in 2008 and he has proved himself to be an amazing leader.  Kumar shows incredible dedication and enthusiasm in his work.  He is constantly trying to improve and better himself.  His positive attitude and happy nature shines through.

Highly Commended:

 Highly Commended

Carlos Lechuga, Peruvian Leader, leads trekking trips
Christine Rooney, International leader, leads walking and discovery trips 
Freddy Camara, Cuban Leader, runs primarily cycling trips   
Hilda Roque: Peruvian leader, leads trekking and discovery trips – Hilda received our Highly Commended award in 2009 too!   
Maho Arican, Turkish leader, leads multi-activity trips
Often Kenzoro, Works in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, leads discovery trips
Sara Bull, International leader, leads trekking trips – Sara was our Joint Winner in 2009!

Sayed Mansour, Egyptian Leader, leads discovery trips
As well as the Top 10 leaders shown above we also received amazing feedback for another 15 leaders too, helping to generate a 'Top 25 Best of the Best'. These next 15 leaders also received fantastic client feedback and each managed to get at least 10 client votes, so have been awarded a Judges' Special Mention.

The Special Mention leaders are as follows:

Avtar Singh, India; Balvinder Singh, India; Chris Ncube, Kenya & Tanzania; David 'Woody' Wood, Polar Regions; Dragon Long, China; Frank Hibbert, Europe; Graham Hickman, Europe; Liz Proctor, International Leader, Mel Potter, Europe; Oliver Ensor, Chamonix; Paul Goldstein, International; Roger Borrell, Greece; Ronney Kavani, Namibia; Steve Parker, International Leader;  and Victor Sanchez Martinez, Spain.

2011 Leader Awards

Your Vote Counts

THE SHORTLIST - please vote for your tour leader!
From the nominations you send in, we will compile a shortlist of the top ten Exodus tour leaders for 2011. A panel of widely travelled expert judges will then make the final decision, based on client votes, comments and feedback from the trips that they have led during the year.

Voting closed on 13 January 2012 and we announced the winner at the end of February 2012 - all the results are  now online. (Posted 11 March 2012)

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