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Marine Wildlife

  • An Orca playing by Vancouver Island, Canada

Wildlife is not just land based; the oceans contain some of the finest species. High on the tick list are always the great whales, but Elephant seals, sea lions, walrus and seals all provide wonderful spectacles. Alaska, The Galapagos, the Valdez Peninsular and Vancouver island all offer spectacular whale watching, but perhaps the finest is in Antarctica where they vie with piercing blue icebergs for people's attention. The Southern Continent also has magnificent populations of Gentoo, King, Adelie, Chinstrap and Maccarone penguins as well as half a dozen different seals.

Warmer climates give the opportunity for diving; the north coast of Zanzibar and Egypt's Red Sea coast are two of the finest locations for exploration of the underwater world. If it's seals you would like to see then there's no better place than Namibia's Cape Cross seal colony where thousands of Cape fur seals gather on land to raise their young.

Marine Wildlife Watching Holidays

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