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Wildlife Trekking Holidays

Marine iguanas on Espanola Island Trekking is undoubtedly one of, if not, the best way to see wildlife. You experience their environment at their level, can explore well away from roads and settlements and can move quietly. Our wildlife trekking holidays have been becoming more and more popular and almost always involve both wildlife tracking or viewing with spectacular scenery.

We hike amongst bears in Alaska and Kamchatka, go in search of Snow leopard in Ladakh, walk amongst wild giant tortoises in the Galapagos and explore the Amazon and Borneo rainforests by foot. The mountains and plains of Africa offer a plethora of wildlife and trekking combinations, including the baboons of Ethiopia, lemurs in Madagascar or the big game of South Africa and Zambia.

Below is a list of our most popular wildlife treks:


Wildlife Trekking Holidays

Yellowstone Wildlife Walks

Yellowstone Wildlife Walks

12 days Excl. flights From
USD $3,000.00

Hiking exploration in a land of glaciers, geysers, wolves and bears.

  • Track wolves in Yellowstone National Park amidst geysers and hot springs
  • Walk in Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks
  • Learn from specialist wildlife and geology guides
Galapagos, In Darwin's Footsteps

Galapagos, In Darwin's Footsteps

15 days Excl. flights From
USD $5,510.00

A unique trek amid the volcanic Galapagos archipelago

  • Trek for 3 days around the Sierra Negra Volcano
  • Encounter the unique wildlife of the Galapagos archipelago
  • Experience a land based Galapagos holiday
Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest

Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest

15 days Excl. flights From
USD $3,475.00

Trekking, jungle and indigenous culture - the best of Peru

  • Walk the classic Inca Trail
  • Explore Lake Titicaca
  • Spend 3 nights in the rainforest
South African Walking Safari

South African Walking Safari

15 days Excl. flights From
USD $2,945.00

Trek South Africa's Drakensberg and go on safari in Kruger

  • Hike through the Drakensberg mountain range
  • Track game and go wildlife viewing in Kruger
  • Visit the kingdom of Swaziland
The Simien Mountains Trek

The Simien Mountains Trek

13 days Excl. flights From
USD $3,230.00

Trek through Ethiopia's dramatic Simien Mountains.

  • Trek through spectacular natural beauty
  • Visit remote mountain villages
  • Spot fantastic endemic wildlife
Trekking in Madagascar

Trekking in Madagascar

14 days Excl. flights From
USD $3,420.00

Explore Madagascar's National Parks, mountains and incredible wildlife.

  • Trek in Isalo National Park
  • Climb Madagascar's second highest peak - Peak Boby
  • See lemurs in their natural habitat

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