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Multi-Activity Holidays

These trips fall into two categories, they are either designed to include the major highlights of the countries or regions we visit, involving a mix of activities en route, or are solely activity based itineraries providing numerous opportunities for thrill seekers to try out new and exciting sports. Activities may range from the ordinary (for example walking or cycling, canoeing or white water rafting) to the damn right extra-ordinary (including caving, rock climbing, camel riding or canyoning)! As specialist skills are required for some of these trips, but certainly not all, you should read the brochure text and accompanying trip notes carefully.

Multi-Activity Holidays

Group holidays packed full of activities and action - experience a new thrill each day

Some believe that a holiday should offer new challenges, big thrills and plenty of fun. Especially for those with a short attention span and a need for adrenaline, Multi Activity holidays offer a fast paced mix of up to 10 different acitivites, in the water, in the mountains and on the snow. At the end of the day you will have earned a beer, hot shower and a soft bed, having tried a selection of kayaking, rock climbing, skidooing, biking, rafting, hydrospeed, glacier walking, scuba, surfing, canyoning, dog sledding, paragliding and igloo building. All equipment and training is provided, so you need no experience. However, a have a go attitude and plenty of stamina are needed, and the faint hearted need not apply.

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