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Mara Watch 2009

Travel Editor of The Independent 'Mr Travel' - SIMON CALDERAward winning wildlife photographer and guide PAUL GOLDSTEIN will escort us on a dazzling photographic journey across the fabled plains when he speaks at the prestigious  Royal Geographical Society, London on 8th December 2009 7.00pm.

Described by the Sunday Times as 'a wildlife enthusiast of psychotic gusto', Paul’s presentation promises to be 'illuminating, emotive and outspoken...'

He will be joined by the Travel Editor of The Independent 'Mr Travel' - SIMON CALDER and introduced by award-winning travel journalist CHRIS HASLAM.

Simon, Chris and Paul are no strangers to one another, any event with the three of them is likely to be lively, none being short of either invective or opinion. Simon and Paul spent five weeks together last year in the Antarctic and Arctic and Paul has also guided with him in India and Africa. Chris and Paul first met on the beach in South Georgia among half a million King Penguins, and have worked together in Kenya several times, a pioneering trip in Namibia and Paul's tiger project in Bandhavgarh. Chris has learnt photographic skills remarkably quickly, whilst Paul's journalistic skills develop at a slower rate. Friends they may be, but they will show little mercy on the 8th.

Simon Calder
It is virtually impossible to turn on a TV or radio and not see Simon's voicing his opinion and not inconsiderable knowledge on anything travel related. He has been the travel editor of the Independent for fifteen years and runs a highly successful travel show on LBC each Sunday. Simon pays his own way when he travels, so he can write what he believes with impunity his prolific writing has produced several books. Fit as a butchers dog and rarely happier than when trekking in the mountains, you could be forgiven for thinking there are more than one of him.
Award-winning travel journalist CHRIS HASLAMChris Haslam
Best selling author  (El Sid, Alligator Strip) and award-winning journalist, Chris has been one of the chief travel writers at the Sunday Times for many years now. Using his pen like a scalpel and the truth like a rapier he is not one to be messed with or patronised. Probably the most respected Africa journalist in the world remarked that 'he would give his right arm to write like Chris' and he is not wrong, in minutes Chris is capable of invigorating environments and wildlife with an élan and skill not blessed on many. Punchy and deliberately contentious Chris is a worthy adversary to his other two musketeers.
Paul Goldstein
Award winning wildlife photographer and guide PAUL GOLDSTEINA target the size of barn door generally resides on his back and it is unlikely he would have it any other way. Paul claims not to be deliberately provocative, it is just his strong opinions, especially on wildlife and conservation and any sense of injustices therein frequently lead him into hot water and have done for most of his 26 years in the travel industry. A guide the Sunday Times described as preposterously vivacious' and Wanderlust 'a world class raconteur' he is happiest in the Masai Mara especially among predators where his ownership of the Kicheche Camp might lead you to think he would put his feet up over the short-grass plains. Not a bit of it, this award winning photographer prefers life at a speed few can keep up with, leading groups all over the world in pilgrimages to see tigers, polar bears and penguins. The Mara is his spiritual home though, and he loves bringing it to life in presentations that are as spectacular as they are emotive, you've been warned.

Travel Africa Events logoThere will also be a charity auction in aid of the Exodus Masai community projects in the Mara.

Tickets £18 including welcome drink (then pay bar)

Visit for more information. To book your ticket(s) click here or call 01844 278 883 or email Wendy at [email protected].


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