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Adventure holidays in Italy

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Amalfi Coast
Puglia & Basilicata

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Holidays to Italy

Don’t tell the Italians, but Italy is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. From toe to heel it kicks the competition out of the water; Our Italy holidays include Roman history, Renaissance art, modern romance and delicious food to die for. It’s not all art galleries and espresso though. Away from the cities, Belpaese - as the Itali... Read more

ans call it - is the Beautiful Country. With outstanding scenery, no one region is the same. From a walking holiday in Italy, exploring the Apuane Alps in Tuscany to experiencing the breathtaking coastal villages of the Amalfi Coast, this country has astonishing variety to entertain you on a short adventure holiday, or for the rest of your life!


Italy Holiday: Highlights
Find Amore in Amalfi
The ultimate romantic getaway, the glamorous Amalfi Coast is a spectacular cornice that winds its way past lemon trees, olive groves, vineyards and tiny villages, all clinging on for dear life to the jagged cliffs that plunge straight into the sea below.

2 Take in Tuscany
The postcards don’t do it justice, Tuscany absolutely lives up to all of the cliches – sun baked villages, old mamas dressed in black and clapped out farm vehicles chugging along to tend the fields. A soft, sumptuous landscape filled with sunflower yellow, olive green and the ubiquitous cypress trees. And away from the tourists, you can unearth hidden Tuscany – just you, rolling fields and the odd masterpiece or two.

3 Climb the towers of San Gimignano
Perched on top of the Tuscan hills, the towers of San Gimignano stand out from the crowd. This perfectly preserved medieval town has retained its feudal atmosphere and film-set appearance. Wander through archways and alleys as you make your way to the top of the town. Relax on the ancient ramparts, let your calf muscles recover from the cobblestones and soak up the Tuscan vista.

4 Traverse the Dolomite’s Via Ferrata
In the heart of the Dolomite Mountains, spectacular mountain routes are linked together by a series of fixed cables, ladders and bridges. Known as ‘Via Ferrata’ - iron ways - these routes open up what was once the sole domain of rock climbers. Originally developed to asist troop movements during the first world war, Via Ferrata are fixed-protection climbing paths. Ranging from simple to technically difficult, they give sure-footed walkers the opportunity to move through spectacular and sometimes extremely exposed mountain scenery on walking and trekking holidays, safe in the knowledge that you’re firmly attached to the rock face.


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