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Worth More Alive III

The 2012 Events

One Summit - Two Marathons - One Event

Worth More Alive 3

Award-winning wildlife photographer, guide and Exodus stalwart, Paul Goldstein, is embarking on an extraordinary journey: Running the Brighton marathon, scaling Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro (5895m), then 'running' the London marathon - all of which he will be doing in a 9ft tall tiger one week! Plus hosting a special charity event at the Royal Geographical Society.

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The Cause

Bengal Tigers matter to Exodus and particularly to Exodus’ resident wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein, who has spent many hours watching and photographing them in the wild. Each year hundreds of wildlife enthusiasts travel to India hoping for a glimpse of this magnificent predator. Tigers are teetering on the edge of extinction in the wild, but are holding in Bandhavgarh at 59. Despite their desperately low numbers and concerted efforts to protect them, they are still suffering at the hands of man.

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In April 2010 Paul Goldstein ran the London Marathon in a nine-foot high, aluminium-framed tiger costume

In mid-April Paul Goldstein will be running the Brighton Marathon, then flying to Tanzania with Exodus’ Head of Product, Jim Eite, with his tiger suit in tow to guide a trek on Kilimanjaro. Then running the London Marathon on his return. All in the name of raising money and awareness for the plight of the Bengal tiger.

To sponsor Paul and the team, visit the Worth More Alive III Just Giving Page. In the UK, you can also text a donation between £1 and £10 by texting LEFT59 followed by the amount you wish to donate (between £1 and £10) to 70070.


The Climb

Worth More Alive 3 - Paul Goldstein on top of Uhuru PeakThis is a very special departure which will not be repeated. Paul and Jim not only have over 50 Kilimanjaro ascents between them, but they also have over 25 years under their belts at Exodus and both have guided on all continents. Poles apart in character but with a burning passion for Africa and wildlife this will be entertaining as well as rewarding. The mountain will not be busy in April and both are keen to keep their percentage high (above 80%) of getting people to Uhuru Peak.

This climb will support both the tigers and the annual Exodus porter language school and will be a well-publicised event.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, known as 'The Roof of Africa', is the highest 'walkable mountain' in the world. We avoid the more crowded routes, preferring to approach the mountain from the north by the Nale Moru (Rongai) route, which is considered to be an easier ascent route than the main trails.

Henry Stedman, the author of the most comprehensive book on Mount Kilimanjaro, has written that our local operator has “a reputation for reliability and an impressively high standard of treks” and amongst the large number of climbing companies is “one of the best on the mountain”.

This special departure runs from 13th- 21st April 2012. Click here to read more and join Paul and Jim on this admirable charity climb. Find out more about the route itself here.

To read a letter from Paul and Jim about the special climb, please click here

The Event - Predators On The Edge

Paul will escort us on a photographic journey when he speaks at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London on 12th April 2012.

Tigers, cheetahs, leopards, Polar bears, lions and other predators are given a conservation and photographic make-over in this lavish wildlife night out, just three days before Paul embarks on his first marathon challenge.

Described by the Sunday Times as “a wildlife enthusiast of psychotic gusto", Paul seldom disappoints - his recent Wildlife Photographer Of The Year accolades are testament to his own unique photographic skills.

The show will start at 7pm and Tickets cost £15 (all profits go to fund tiger projects in Bandhavgarh National Park through Friends of Conservation. Registered charity 328176).

For more details, click here. To buy tickets for this one-off charity event, contact our expert Sales department on 0845 863 9606.

Worth More Alive III

Cheetah Cub Tiger Predator Polar Bear Lion Cub Lion Lake

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