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Your Word - We tell it like it is! Holiday Reviews by previous Exodus travellers  

Here at Exodus we thrive on feedback from our customers. It's the only way we can ensure our trips continue to be the best they can be. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of the trip you're interested in, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

Simply click here to search our trip reviews and start reading real feedback from real Exodus travellers who have ‘been there and done that’! Lots of our clients also like to post handy tips and advice about their travels. It’s great to know what to expect on an Exodus adventure before you go, so make the most of their experience and you’ll make the most of yours!

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We receive huge volumes of positive feedback from clients praising their tour leader, and we wanted to give our leaders the credit they deserve. When you return from your Exodus holiday(s) during 2014 we'd like you to ponder for a minute about whether your tour leader was the 'Best of the Best'? If your leader made your trip special and managed to send you home with a huge mental grin and a newly found enthusiasm for the country or area you visited, then we would like to hear about it!

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Number of Reviews: 7898 Overall score: *****
Wildebeest at sunset, Masai Mara, Kenya
Review posted by Gillian Body
***** Written

Maasai Mara long weekend

Amazing trip with 6 full game drives packed into the time. Saw all of the big 5 and many others.
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Kayaks on the beach, Turkey
Review posted by Nick Mills
***** Written

Sea Kayaking

Really top week, beautiful scenary, good mix of peaceful and lively places, an excellent guide and for someone like me with limited kayaking experience it wasn't super tough, but some good challenging bits to let you know you've learnt something.
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Canoes on the Zambezi River, Zambia
Review posted by Richard Maxey
***** Written

The Zambezi Valley

A superb trip, full of wildlife and wilderness adventure. And, almost as scary, a classroom full of 6 year olds.
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Mara sunset with topi silhouettes, Kenya
Review posted by Penny Broomhall
***** Written

Classic Kenya Safari

Another excellent Exodus trip. Having eventually passed through the crowded immigration controls, set out on the anticipated long road trip - great time at Lake Elementaita Lodge with Joseph giving excellent nature walk. The 4 rhinos sighted at Lake Nakuru were only surpassed by two BLACK RHINOS when we travelled on to the Masai Mara. Davis our driver/guide was amazing to be able to spot wildlife and drive. Camp set up excellent along with food and hurrah for electricity in tent for recharging camera batteries.
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Review posted by Jocelyn Wyburd
***** Written

Northern Namibia and Angola AZZ

An amazing journey, by 4WD vehicles, through Northern Namibia, into Angola and back again. Most of the time in Angola was spent bumping and lurching along on tracks which barely qualify as roads, through utter wilderness and extraordinary changing landscapes, seeing almost no other vehicles at all and only occasional villages. The shock of driving on tarmac or arriving in a city (Lubango) after that was strange and immense. We all just wanted to be back in the bush, away from people and traffic and off-road again! We drove through national parks in both countries (Iona in Angola, Etosha in Namibia), with game viewing only a reality in Namibia because the Angolan parks were decimated by the long war and have not recovered yet. We saw fascinating tribal villages and peoples along the way. We had lunch in the middle of lake Arco (Angola) because no rain for 4 years meant it was completely dry! We loved the camping and being in a lodge for the last night felt weird. Bush camping more fun than when we were in established sites! Our loo and (sometimes) shower rigged up by the tour guide often afforded wonderful views while abluting!
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Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos), Suomussalmi, Finland
Review posted by Adam Roberts
***** Written

If you go down to the woods today...

A thoroughly enjoyable short getaway to a beautiful and peaceful destination. There were four different hide locations in and around the no-mans land area on the Russian border - a truley unique and magical setting. Seeing such majestic bears and wolves up close at sunset left all of us mesmerised and certainly made the long nights worthwhile. It was only a matter of a few hours before the first sighting and there was space for a nap in your sleeping bag during the hours when there wasn't any sunlight. The food at the base camp was hearty (lots of meatballs!) and really delicious.
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Temple in Selinunte, Italy
Review posted by Susan Sue
***** Written

Treasures of Sicily

An excellent choice for a first visit to Sicily with elements of the island's culture and history, its exciting geology and varied scenery. The days were full of interest and the evenings spent with great fellow travellers.
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Looking out to sea from the Walk of the Gods, Italy
Review posted by Ayesha Khwaja
***** Written

Walking the Amalfi Coast

A very good mix of enough walking with time for leisure and relaxation, with bits of time on the beach or by the hotel pool. Beautiful landscapes, charming villages, and a pleasant hotel with friendly and helpful staff. The heat and the steps made the walks more challenging at times than might be expected for a Easy/Moderate walking holiday.
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Rock tombs at Kekova, Turkey
Review posted by Thomas Warren
***** Written

Adventure in the SUN!

First of all, you have to like the heat! because there is lots of it! .. So if you like he heat and you like meeting nice people and you like a little adventure then you can't go far wrong with this trip. Our guide Adem was fantastic, ALWAYS enthusiastic and a lot of fun, and our driver Mustafa was brilliant as well. The Drives to the day's activities were often nearly as exiting as the day's adventure (But that's Turkish driving for you) :-) Great adventures, great locations, great people, great food and a lovely hotel with very friendly staff. What more can one say. Best holiday I have had in a very long time, strongly recommend.
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Following the GR20 route, France
Review posted by Kevin Palmer
***** Written

Corsica GR20

Fantastic experience with great group of people and excellent leaders in rugged mountains. Accommodation and food better than expected from being in such a wonderful area.
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