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***** Written
Costa Rica Mixed Activity 2016

costa Rica multi activity trip

This trip was sold as a multi activity trip which was very misleading. While you did a variety of activities they lasted on average 1.5hrs and two activities are described as hikes when in actual fact we were shared the flat trail with a coach load of OAPs complete with their walking sticks and another was only 2.6km. The majority of the trip was spent sitting around in restaurants waiting for something to happen. If you want an active trip, to see wildlife and get a feel for a country I highly recommend you do not pick this trip. It was very disappointing
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Exodus Response

We would like to thank Gail for her review, although we were very sorry to hear that the trip did not match her expectations in terms of the activities included. Although this is a short itinerary, we include white water rafting, zip-lining, mountain biking, a visit to a hot spring, two national park walks and a catamaran/snorkelling trip. In addition, there are many other optional activities available locally, but we have reviewed Gail’s feedback with our local operator to ascertain why she had so much free time; this is very unusual feedback for this trip as there are so many activities to do. Gail’s tour leader was very sorry to hear of her dissatisfaction and we are following up on the routes taken during the walks as these are not normally as short as Gail has mentioned. Although this is an active trip, the pace is often slow on walks as there is plenty of wildlife to see and to get the best results we find that it is best when group’s approach quietly.

Vicky Boughton - Trip Manager for Costa Rica
***** Written
A Week in Jordan


From Amman to the dead sea to the wonderous place that is Petra.  Then onto Wadi Rum and the desert.  A spectacular fun packed way to spend a week !
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***** Written
Beyond the Mayan World


The trip gave me a real appreciation for the Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras culture and people. The trip far exceeded my expectation. Gave me a better understanding of the Mayan civilization.
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Sunset at Baobab Alley
***** Written
Madagascan Discoverer


This was an amazing trip using a variety of transport through a culturally diverse country with varied landscapes and incredible flora and fauna much of which is endemic to Madagascar. This is far more than a wildlife spotting trip, it is an active trip with early starts and most days were packed full-every day was an adventure.
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