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Number of Reviews: 161 Overall score: *****
***** Written
Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana


Wilderness and wildlife at it's best without too much of the other stuff thrown in. A fantastic trip with lots of opportunity for wildlife sitings and being at one with nature.
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Statues at Polonnaruwa
***** Written
Sri Lankan Highlights


I was rather dissapointed by this trip.It was more of a bus trip that I would expect to go on when Im a OAP. It was very much drive to a place have a very very short period of time there and drive to the hotel for the night. We spent 90% of our time on the bus.All but one night we ate at the hotel with the coach loads and I mean coach loads of other tourists. Most of the visits we seemed to do as fast as possible. We did the temple of the tooth in about 10 mins! We did a round trip of 5 hours for a 45min stop at a tea planation! We marched up the Lions rock and had a very quick march around the top and back to the bus. The elepahnt orphanage was done in an hour and a half including lunch .The hotels that we stayed at were very nice. However staying in the hotel all eveing with loads of ohter tourists is not how I want to experiance a country. 
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***** Written
Sierra de Aitana Trek


An excellent holiday with some great walks in the Sierra de Aitana. All the accomodation was very comfortable and food was also excellent. The guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
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Elephant at sunset
***** Written
Gorillas & Masai Mara


3 countries.... stunning landscapes, spectacular game drives, emotional experiences, cultural adventure....  Formidable Gorilla encounter! Breathtaking Hot Air Ballooning over the Masai Mara!
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Walking in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco
***** Written
Atlas Panorama


A nice mix of city and country with minimal time on a bus. The walking is at a relaxed pace on uneven ground. There are a few hills and some small streams to cross using stepping stones.    
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Exodus Response

Please be assured that it is very rare for two groups to take part in the same walk on the same day. Due to unpredictable weather during this particular departure, a walk had to be changed for one of the groups and although they tried to do the walk in reverse, there were sections where both groups were walking together.

Exodus will make every effort in future to avoid a similar situation in the future.


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