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Number of Reviews: 34 Overall score: *****
***** Written

Overall, I loved the pace of this trip. The mix of cultural, physical and free time activities was perfect for me. Although, initially, I was a little wary about the synergy of our group given the ages spanned from 20 to 69 (!), I was pleasantly surprised to see that we chose to spend most of our free time all together...and that says a lot!

***** Written

Very well organised, as usual.  There was a great group of people and everyone joined in enthusiastically, despite the wet weather.  I couldn't believe how barren the countryside was, but can only imagine how it would look in summer.

***** Written

I LOVED IT! It was really cold, but the lodge was so nice. Our leader Karl was great, really knew the area and the walks were amazing! I LOVED the day dogsledding as well, really was the 'cherry-on-top'.

***** Written

I have already  written a very concise letter to you, giving both the plus and adverse points about my skiing holiday. Surely you cannot expect another report. You have acknowledged the receipt of my letter so why send this a good wek after I wrote to you?!!!

***** Written

A beautiful area with lots to do.  Great enthusiasm and encouragement from James and Cathy who couldn't do enough to make sure we all had a great time

***** Written

a really excellent holiday made extra special by our fellow travellers in our group and the super efficient Mr Bond who really excelled as our thai leader. Mr Bond always did that bit extra to ensure we had the most out of each of the many varied events

Exodus group at Rondablikk, Norway
***** Written


My second time at Rondablikk, and there were a few other returnees, so it's a popular place to go back to. The weather was much more changeable than before so made for more challenging skiing conditions, especially when the tracks are covered by new snow. I went looking to improve my skiing, and the conditions and coach certainly made me realise that ambition.
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***** Written

The guide was extremely poor to the extent he actually detracted from our experience and there are improvements that could be made to the itinerary to avoid free days when national park closed and half  day wasted in town with nothing much to do 


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