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Number of Reviews: 3 Overall score: *****
***** Written

This is a tough climb. I found it tougher than summiting Mt Kilimanjaro.  It is governed primarily by the weather - no matter how fit you are, or how well you cope with the altitude, it the weather is against you, that is that.  But it is a great challenge, with stunning vistas, for a range of ages (our group ranged from early 20s to late 50s).  We did not make the top, through no failing of our own, due to the weather, and so changed our focus from "summiting Aconcagua" to "trekking in the Andes".  My advice - be flexible in that regard.

***** Written

Overall, a tough and challenging trip, both mentally and physically.  And I am dissapointed we didn't summit:  - Due to snow storms prior and high winds after our summit, (leaving and attempting),  days - meaning we spent an extra couple of days at base camp and back in Mendoza!

***** Written

A challenging trip ,  but in the end a very rewarding one if you prepare for it well in advance.

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