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World Festival Holidays

  • Thimpu Festival, Bhutan

Exodus has a fantastic range of adventure holidays which coincide with the world’s greatest festivals.

Fans of world music, especially West African music will love these atmospheric events. For colour and razzmatazz, carnival time in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is hard to beat. India’s Pushkar Camel Fair will give you an insight into local life in Rajasthan as people buy and sell livestock in a celebratory atmosphere. Rajasthan also hosts an annual Desert Festival with camel racing, dancing, music and even a turban-tying competition! Ladakh also holds several festivals; Phyang Festival and the Tak Tak Festival. Ethiopia’s colourful Timkat Festival celebrates Epiphany; crowds of revellers dressed in white, dance, sing and ululate to the beating of drums. Ethiopia’s second big festival – Meskel – is equally colourful, being celebrated with many bonfires and parties. In Bhutan, the annual spring Paro Festival sees monks dressed in masks and brightly coloured robes performing ritual dances. Later in the year Bhutan holds its Thimpu and Wangdi festivals with similar ceremony. Mongolia has its Naadam Festival with wrestling, archery and horse racing while Spain’s San Juan Festival, held on the summer solstice, includes street parties with fireworks, bonfires, music, dancing and – hazelnut throwing! Sri Lanka 's Esala Perahera festival has become a unique symbol of Sri Lanka. It is the time of the Kandy Esala Perahera when people give thanks in song, dance and pageantry for a bountiful harvest.

For details of which departure coincide with festivals, go to the dates and prices page on the trip of your choice and hover the cursor over the information icons.

World Fesivals

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