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Whether your school has told you that they will running a School Adventure and you want to find out more about it, or you are doing some independent research, we’re tried to condense the most specific elements in to the list below:

What makes a School Adventure fun and exciting?
Why should I take part?
Is this for me?
How do I take part?

What makes a School Adventure fun and exciting?

Loads of things! Well we think so, they’re definitely more fun than sitting at home watching TV or tidying your room, but I suppose it depends what you class as exciting though, staring in to the eyes of a wild mountain gorilla, standing on the highest point in Africa and kayaking over a sunken city is pretty exciting for us…

We think that what makes a School Adventure so fun and exciting is that you’ll get to do so much during your holiday – visit new places, try new activities – and even if you have been to the country before or are a pro at a particular pursuit, we can assure you that you will not be bored as our Leaders are brilliant at finding new ways to challenge you!

Why should I take part?

Isn’t it obvious? You’ll have a fantastic time!
You will also gain lots of new skills, too many for us to simply list so instead we’ve mentioned a few that we think are going to be particularly useful to you in the future:

  • Real world experiences – whether you’ll be camping under the stars, immersed in Bedouin culture, or helping in an Indian orphanage you will return home having seen a different way of life and expanded your global perspective.
  • Hard skills – whether you learn to kayak, rock-climb, scuba dive, track rhinos, improve your cycling, speak Mandarin or cope at high altitudes you’ll definitely learn something new.
  • Interpersonal skills – without even realising it you will develop areas of your character that will benefit you hugely, things like teamwork, organisation and communication that you’ll use in so many areas of your life, in school, later at work and also socially.
  • It’s something different – it’s definitely easier to stay at home and do the same things that you always do - play on the computer, play football, play piano – and all of these are great, but an Exodus School Adventure gives you the opportunity to try something completely different… you may even discover that you’re an incredibly talented rafter which would give you something else to talk about.

All of these things won’t just make you a more interesting person, they’ll provide you with topics to talk about and experiences to draw upon if you plan to go to University, when applying for jobs and they’ll also help you in the rest of your schooling.  In addition you will have some experience of adventure travel should you ever wish to take a Gap Year, or arrange your own independent holiday. So perhaps the question should be, “why wouldn’t you want to take part in an Exodus School Adventure”?

Is this for me?

Quite simply, an Exodus School Adventure is for anyone who wants to get out there and have fun.

How do I take part?

If your school has already told you that they’ll be running an Exodus School Adventure then make sure you come along to the Information Evening (bring your parents if they’re around) to find out more about it and get details on how to sign-up.

If you don’t think that your school has one of these trips planned, why not speak to a teacher and tell them about us and direct them to our website. If you can’t think of a teacher to talk to about this, you could fill out a form online with the details of your school and we’ll try to find a teacher on your behalf.

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