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The prices, if displayed, for each school trip viewed online are given as a guide. Prices vary, depending on departure period and group size. Bespoke additions to itineraries may also affect the final price quoted.


a) Passport - British subjects require a full passport for all trips. For School Adventure holidays, generally the passport should be valid for six months after the date of your scheduled return home. NB: If you have students who are not British nationals other regulations may apply and you should check with the nearest embassy of the country you intend to visit.

b) Visa - Full details of current visa requirements for the country you are visiting, or for transit destinations such as the United States of America, are given in the Trip Notes and in the confirmation documents that are sent to you on booking. Obtaining any visas that are required is your responsibility unless otherwise stated in our literature. Visa regulations can change, and may do so at short notice, sometimes without announcement. Where we become aware of changes to regulations, we will notify you if we are able. Providing we have used our best efforts to advise you of requirements, or assist you in obtaining visas, we cannot be held responsible for mistakes by embassies, third parties and sudden changes to regulations, or actions of border officials which are beyond our control.


a) Group Size, Minimum and Maximum Numbers - For each trip we indicate a normal group size in the Trip Details section. These trips are group holidays and require a minimum of 10 students to operate. In the unlikely event that a holiday does not reach minimum numbers we may be forced to cancel.

b) Age Requirements - The minimum age for all of these holidays is 14 years unless stated otherwise.


Travelling anywhere abroad can expose you to risks and challenges not normally faced at home and our type of travel can be less predictable and orderly than some expect. We therefore ask that you read and consider this section carefully before booking your holiday.

a) Health Requirements - The Trip Notes list any statutory vaccination requirements for the countries we visit if you are travelling from the UK. We strongly recommend that you check with your family doctor or specialist travel clinic for up-to-date advice on all preventative health precautions.

b) Adventurous Travel - On many of our holidays the areas are remote, the lifestyle is very different and events much less predictable than on a conventional holiday. Health, safety and operational standards – particularly of hotels, transport and internal airlines – are often not up to Western levels. However good our organisation is, we are at the mercy of the unexpected, and this type of trip can never be entirely cut-and-dried. As these are not ordinary package holidays, the outline itineraries given in this brochure are statements of intent rather than promises. Local weather, politics, airlines, transport or a host of other uncontrollable factors can mean changes occur. If these are necessary the leader will decide the best alternative. Where a delay or change does occur, we will do everything we can to minimise its effects, but we cannot be held responsible for the results of delays or changes outside our control. Crime and other security risks exist in practically all countries. Travelling in a group is a safeguard, but not a guarantee. Though we will take all reasonable care of you, we cannot do this adequately if the group do not at all times take sensible precautions themself.

c) Travel Advice - We liaise closely with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), whose travel advice we not only follow to the letter, but also discuss in detail with them. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made to abort a tour at the last minute or to re-route an itinerary part way through. Occasionally we will pre-empt the FCO and decide to leave a region based on feedback from our local agents on the ground.

For up-to-date FCO advice on all the countries we travel to, please visit

d) Know Before You Go - Exodus has joined the FCO’s Know Before You Go campaign which aims to make sure that travellers are properly prepared before setting out on travels overseas and have independent advice. Visit the website to find out more.

e) Accommodation - Our aim, wherever possible, is to use accommodation that is in keeping with the area that we visit, local in character, and generally locally-owned. In many countries Health and Safety regulations are not up to the standards in the EU, Australasia or North America and because of this care may need to be taken to familiarise yourselves with the general layout of the accommodation, similarly plumbing and hot water can also be erratic. If you choose to travel on this type of holiday you must accept that this is all part of the experience .

f) Transport - In many countries that we visit, transport facilities, regulations and health and safety precautions are not up to the standard of the EU, Australasia or North America. Where this is the case, we ensure that all our transport complies with local regulations and standards, but we cannot guarantee the same standard as in the EU. If you choose to travel to these destinations, you must be prepared to accept the standard of transport that is available in the area.

g) Group Activities - Exodus School Adventures offers adventurous holidays that involve different types of activities; as such you should ensure that you read all literature carefully for details of the level of the activity and the necessary experience (if any) required on your holiday. Whilst we ensure the activity is run to the local legal standard and risk assessments are regularly carried out, some activities do carry an inherent element of risk. The leader’s word is final, and if he/she deems a member of the group unfit or unsuitable for a particular activity they may not be allowed to participate

h) Altitude - Some of our trips go to high altitudes (3000m and above) where there is a risk of you being affected by Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). In order to prevent this, our itineraries are designed to enable everyone to acclimatise to these altitudes, but you should be aware that it is still possible to be affected. More details on altitude problems on specific itineraries can be found in the Trip Notes.

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