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As a parent we know that you must have several questions, if they are not answered by the content on this website – or you would simply prefer to speak to us – please email or call us.

What is an Exodus School Adventure? 
Why should my child get involved?
Will they be safe?
What will it cost me?
How can my child take part?

What is an Exodus School Adventure?

An Exodus School Adventure is an 8 to 17 day adventure travel holiday. It combines discovering the world with an unrivalled range of action-packed experiences

It will give your child the opportunity to try new activities, discover new landscapes and experience different environments whilst being in the security of a school group and the comfort of being with their friends.

Why should my child get involved?

There are many reasons why we think students should take part in an Exodus School Adventure, they are brilliant fun and without realising it they will benefit hugely from the whole experience.  Have a look at the Educational benefits in the menu below the main image to read about this aspect and click on Why get involved?  in the left hand side menu to learn a bit more about why your school and child should take part.

The essence of why we think it is worthwhile your child signing up to a trip with us is that they will return home with renewed confidence, enthusiasm and a broader global perspective which are all things that will benefit them in their current schooling, socialising and later life.

Will they be safe?

We understand that as a parent, your concern for the safety of your child is paramount and here at Exodus we take this incredibly seriously. As part of an Exodus School Adventure your child will benefit from industry-leading safety and back-up, the best insurance available and the most highly-trained leaders working in the countries that we visit.
To read more about this area, please click here

What will it cost me?

You can find the guide price for each trip within it’s own trip-specific page. This price is completely inclusive and covers everything in the list below (amongst other things):

In-country costs – transport, food, accommodation, activities
Medical insurance
Group equipment
Kit-bag for each student
Expert leaders

By making the price all-inclusive we have tried to take away the need for large additional spends that crop up later on that will inevitably fall you to. Hardly any of the trips require specialised clothing or equipment, so normal sports kit or casual clothes will suffice; where slightly more technical kit is required you are eligible for discounts at Ellis Brigham and Nomad Travel stores to help with the cost.

We would also encourage you to get your child involved in raising the funds; we have seen students raise thousands of pounds in order to travel overseas – some as young as 14 years old – so it can be done! Simple ideas like car washing, paper-rounds, baby-sitting and bag packing in supermarkets can be surprisingly fruitful, especially when they are combined with larger-scale initiatives like organising parties. If you would like some more information on fundraising ideas, please ask us.

How can my child take part?

If your child’s school has already informed you that they intend to run an Exodus School Adventure then make sure you come along to the Information Evening to meet us and find out more – we will tell you how to sign-up.

If your school is not currently offering an Exodus School Adventure but you would like them to, complete the online form with their details and we will contact them on your behalf.

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