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Holidays to Antarctica & the Arctic

Arctic Offers

How times have changed for the Polar adventurer! These days we can explore the frozen continents of Antarctica & the Arctic in relative comfort and safety and return to our homes within 2 weeks, unlike Ernest Shackleton and his crew who took 2 years to escape its icy clutches after their ship was crushed in 1915. Of course, in keeping with our philosophy, it is essential that we protect this last pristine Polar wilderness, and in partnership with the ship's operators we apply the most stringent rules of minimum impact polar travel. This ensures that we protect this region of floating behemoths of ice, dormant volcanoes and cold waters that nourish the range of exotic polar creatures of land, sea and air that allow the most incredible holidays to Antarctica and the Arctic.

Articles on the Internet about an Exodus trip Comments on the BBC Wildlife documentary series 'Frozen Planet' and explains you too can visit The Real Frozen Planet (November 2011).


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What the experts say

King penguins in sea'At the ends of the earth and far from the madding crowd, the polar regions are perhaps the last pristine wildernesses left on the planet. They’re harsh, merciless environments of savage, eye-watering beauty and to unlock these inaccessible Edens it’s essential to choose the right ship.

Unlike the rigorously scheduled liners plying the polar waters, we offer intimate, flexible itineraries aboard the Vavilov, Shokalskiy and the Kapitan Khlebnikov.

Commissioned as ice-rated research vessels rather than Caribbean pleasure palaces, these small, superbly equipped ships are quiet and safe, and offer adventurers unequalled opportunities to experience these frozen worlds.'
Paul Goldstein, Photographer, Guide & Presenter

The Polar Environment

IAATO logoWe take our responsibility to minimise our impact on these pristine areas very seriously. Exodus is a full member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), and has agreed to abide by one of tourism's most conscientious code of conduct.
Perhaps the most important thing any polar travel company can do is to educate their clients to travel sensitively and compassionately. Our expedition team on each trip takes this part of their role very seriously and looks forward to explaining how everyone can play their part.

Exodus also support various conservation projects and initiatives in the Polar regions.

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