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The Polar Teams

There are a wide range of specialist experts on all the voyages and even in our office here in London, where staff have been sent to the other ends of the planet to help them become acquainted with the Polar regions to help you make an informed decision to take this journey of a lifetime.

The Polar Teams - Exodus' Office Polar Experts | Regular Ship Staff | Special Guest Staff

Below are quotes from some of the people who have travelled to Antarctica and the Arctic in recent years.


Thanks once again for such an amazing trip to South Georgia and Antarctica. Antarctica was my 5th Exodus holiday and it was once again a trip of a lifetime, full of such good memories, amazing experiences, funny stories and thousands of photos.
Brenda Dakers

Simon Calder on SpitzbergenIf you plan to travel to the far ends of the world, make sure you do so in good company. These mother ships – and their crews – that somehow cosset you in the most extreme weather and latitudes are maritime marvels. They are also full of fascinating fellow travellers who have many tales to tell while you await the next polar wonder. You may feel well looked-after in the most  convivial company, but the raw edges of the planet are always with you. Hermetically sealed? Never.
Simon Calder, The Independent

I can't put into words what a wonderful time I had… The ship, the staff, the passengers, the scenery, the wildlife has all just added up to the most unimaginably brilliant holiday. It was worth every penny.
It really was a different world, the whole experience almost surreal now I am home, and a location I'd go back to, given half a chance.

Jacqueline Luke

Jonathan and Angie ScottYou can’t really describe Antarctica - not adequately - it is simply beyond reality. Superlatives pale by comparison to being there - the scenery is like nothing you have ever seen before. The wildlife stuns the senses. Your first penguin and first towering iceberg is worth cracking open a magnum of champagne. This truly is a trip of a lifetime.
Jonathan and Angie Scott, Journalist and Photographer respectively

The Arctic

Thanks once again for a truly magical expedition. It is up there as one of the best holidays I have ever had. As well as the fantastic experiences, stunning scenery, wildlife, and meeting a great bunch of people… I also learned a lot more about my camera and what it can / cannot do.
Simon Unwin

A sea mist hung over the mountains of Svalbard. Under the bows of our Zodiac inflatable the water was black as ink as we nudged our way through the pack ice, and it was here, at a place called Isbukta -Ice Bay -on a day when the whole world seemed locked in a single frozen silence, that I found my first polar bear. And now it was walking. 'Bear,' I yelled, overcome by a rush of pure adrenaline. It was an extraordinary encounter, made all themore vivid because, apart fromourselves, the bear was the only moving thing, as if all life in that vast and empty landscape was concentrated in this solitary prowling figure.

In Svalbard, the ice age has never gone away. Wherever you look the earth is still under construction, a desolation of frost-shattered peaks, like the shearing molars of a polar bear, and giant glaciers crawling through valleys of shale and ironstone. At first, what you see is a monochrome world of snow and rock and gunmetal seas. But in a little while you become aware of other, more subtle colours: the sepia tones of reindeer moss, the turquoise gleam of sunlit ice floes. And yet, in the midst of it all, there is life.
Brian Jackman, The Sunday Times


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