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Free Navigation Certification in the Arctic

Offer now closed - Free Navigation Certification with Arctic Passage

Become a certified marine navigator while you sail the Northwest Passage 

Quark Expeditions LogoFor the first time ever, Quark with partner Starpath School of Navigation are providing the ultimate polar Learn-and-Cruise navigation certification training onboard the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov through the Arctic's Northwest Passage.

The training is free when you book a berth on Arctic Passage (August 22 to September 13, 2011) - Amundsen’s Route to Asia.

Starpath has trained passionate sailors in all phases of marine navigation and weather since 1978. Quark has sailed the Northwest Passage with adventure travellers more often than any other company on the planet. This extraordinary partnership is unique in polar adventure travel.

Training on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov

 End of an era

The training is included in the cost of the Arctic Passage expedition through the Northwest Passage. The training program will be conducted while at sea and in between activities such as a cruise through Greenland's Ilulissat Isfjord, dotted with glittering icebergs.

The training program will begin with home study and online preparation before departure. There will be onboard lectures, private tutoring and hands-on navigation, weather analysis, and communications practice. David Burch, founder of Starpath, will instruct the course onboard, using a full navigation station, with all data and communications options.

The added-value of this training program is high. Registered participants have full access to all six Starpath online courses and their associated materials. This is in addition to the extended classroom learning and private tutoring on Kapitan Khlebnikov.

Kapitan KhlebnikovQuark's 20th Anniversary World Cruise - Arctic Circumnavigation

We promised some special surprises to celebrate our 20th anniversary as the leader in polar adventure - Navigation Training led by David Burch, a Fellow of the Institute of Navigation is one of them.  Arctic Passage is the final segment of our 20thanniversary world cruise. The transit of the Northwest Passage is Khlebnikov's farewell voyage in the Arctic.  To learn more about the training program and the voyage contact our Polar Experts, or call: 0845 330 6013 or if outside the UK: +44 20 8772 3938.

NB: The navigation certification is not yet guaranteed and its being offered is subject to us receiving sufficient passenger interest.



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