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Holiday Evaluation Forms: prize draw winners

At the end of each month, everyone who fills out one of our online Holiday Evaluation Forms is entered into a draw to win GBP500 Exodus Travel Vouchers (prize increased from April 08).

The latest winners are:

January – TBA

Your opinion Counts - find out more about how your feedback helps us deliver the holidays you expect from us!


December - Christopher Virgo, Sidmouth, Devon
November - Rachel Barton, Wokingham, Berkshire
October - Peter McMahon, Horsham, West Sussex
September - Helen Bouchami, Wokingham, Berkshire
August - Martin Johnson, Glasgow
July - Sue Riley, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
June - Michael Robinson, Harrow, Middlesex
May - Donna Stokes, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
April - Sarah Bower, Horsham, West Sussex
March - Lydia Cotterell, Cambridge
February - Newman, Farnham, Surrey
January - Anthony Butterworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

December – Sarah Mawbey Jeffries, from Stockport, Cheshire
November – Aloisia Oldland from Knutsford, Cheshire
October - Alexander Marianski from London
September - Alison Carr from Dundee
August - Anthony Starkie from Wolverhampton
July – Ann Wallace from Swindon
June –Ben Jeffery from Cheltenham
May – Janet Randle from Milton Keynes
April – Paul Adams from Emsworth, Hampshire
March – Amanda Scarborough from Chatham, Kent
February - Alison Whyte from Dalkeith, Midlothian
January - Michael Hoath from Essex


December - Suzanne Ager from Surrey
November - Chloe Ponsonby, London
October - Giada Piccin, London
September - Nora Saunders from Hertfordshire
August – Jonathan Lawson from Beaconsfield
July – Catherine Bousfield from London
June – Michael Dean from Mold, Wales
May – Andrew Cossar from London
April – Andrew Warboys from Barnstaple
March – Rhodri Bevan from Swansea
February - Lynne Harris from Merseyside
Susan James from The Wirral

December - Miranda Wheatley from Suffolk
November - David Parrish from North Yorkshire
October - Andrew Chandler from London
September - Andrew Cork from Berkshire
August - Emily Renier from Hertfordshire
July - Emily Thompson from West Yorkshire
June - Gemme Hersh from Middlesex
May - Michael Darby from Windsor
April - Janine La Rosa from London
March - Helen Stockham from Cambridgeshire
February - David Cooke from Eastbourne
January - John Dansey from London

December - Kirsten Proudfoot from Glasgow
November - Fiona Shafer from Uckfield
October - Caroline Pook from London
September - Dina Solomon from Twickenham
August - Mark Harrison from Cambridge
July - Elizabeth Fox from Hertfordshire
June - Martin Maley from Wolverhampton
May - Matthew Ripley from Gloucester
April - Lyn Perrini from Beaconsfield, Bucks
March - Robert Cooper from Stoke on Trent
February - Jonathan Hood from Bromley, Kent
January - Paulette Russell from Truro, Cornwall

December - Sharon Theaker from York
November - Andrew Beaumont from London
October - Christopher Wooddwalker from Plymouth
September - William Bell from Wotton, Gloucestershire
August - Jacqueline Ackroyd from Frome, Somerset
July - Gillian Blackgrove from Epsom
June - Yvonne Pollitt from Kingsbridge
May - Ewen Solan from Kent
April - Olive McEntagart from London
March - Shaun Claridge from Aldershot
February - Tricia Simon from Wales
January - Rachel Gorodkin from Salford

December - Celia Harrison from London
November - Phillip Green from Liverpool
October - Amanda Fox from Malvern
September - Peter Newman from Northumberland
August - Andrew Hope from Chelteham
July - John Asquith from London
June - Tim Swain from Cornwall
May - Victoria Evans from London
April - Ian White from Isleworth
March - Venetia Stent from Twickenham
February - Amanda Ariss from London
January - J. McVey from Enniskillen

December - Patricia Quinn, Derbyshire
November - John Campbell from County Armagh
October - Angela Perrins from Kingston Upon Thames
September - H Shepherd, Chipping Norton
August - Katherine Surman from Peterborough
July - Andy Brown from London
June - Ms Lynda Sangster from Twickenham
May - John Kay from Blackpool
April - Y. Alikhan, Enfield
March - Lillian Crook, Loire, France
February - David Ward, Solihull
January - John Lawrence. Cumbria



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