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Adventure holidays in Japan

Top destinations in Japan

Mount Fuji
The Japanese Alps
Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

Top trips in Japan

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and walking holidays to Japan. Efficient, beautiful, structured, contrasting and mysterious are all adjectives that could describe the unique culture of Japan. It is a fascinating blend of old and new, ancient cultures combining with the cutting edge of technology. Away from the excitement of cities such as Osa... Read more

ka and the stunning Kyoto, Japan is a country of great beauty and the Alps of Central Honshu and Mt Fuji are testament to this.

Transport in Japan is brutally efficient, especially the trains (the best way to travel), and its cuisine is now highly fashionable. All of this culture and activity are set against a backdrop of spas, temples, snow monkeys and geese and, in season, the ubiquitous cherry blossom. Mt Fuji is the most photographed mountain in the world, and to climb Mount Fuji is a spectacular highlight.


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