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Number of Reviews: 463 Overall score: *****
Annarpuna sanctuary, stream and valley, Nepal
***** Written


There are not an enough words to describe this holiday. It was an amazing experience and one which will live in the memory for a very long time. The trek was challenging, but truly worth it. The scenery and the views...

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Fisherman on the banks of the Ganges River at sunset, Varanasi, India
***** Written


It was an amazing tour and a life time experience for me. It is like a tour with a subtext depending on how much you want to capture. You will not only see great places but if you want, you will have the chance to mingle with the society in both India and Nepal and you may strikingly understan...

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The Treasury, Jordan
***** Written


The "Week in Jordan" tour in November had a very good balanced selection of guided tours with the advantage of enough time in Petra for two visits to the site and the optional "Petra by Night".  The other destinations provided an excellent introduction to Jordan, its history ...

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Pagodas, Bagan, Burma
***** Written


it was more developed as a tourist destination than I had anticipated but there were some really lovely, interesting days.  the itinerary is a busy one but does incorporate all the highlights one would wish to see on a first visit.  it is a country where very modern technology (smart phones and...

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