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Bradt Travel Guides

Bradt Travel Guides LogoExodus has teamed up with Bradt to bring you in-depth knowledge, insight and unique information through quality travel guides.

Bradt has a reputation for being a pioneer in tackling ‘unusual’ destinations and Exodus are all about exploration, hence why we see this as the perfect partnership.

•    Bradt country guides take you to places such as Lebanon, Palestine, Eastern Turkey, Madagascar, Guyana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Iceland. Bradt coverage of African countries is second to none.
•    The new Highlights guides are ideal if you are on an organized tour, planning a special itinerary or with limited time to explore, focusing on the top attractions.
•    Bradt’s full-colour wildlife guides are lightweight and practical – ideal for planning wildlife itineraries or for field identification while you are travelling. They cover the wildlife found in Antarctica, the Arctic, Australasia, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. 


Special Offer:

Bradt is offering a 30% discount on Bradt Travel Guides to Exodus customers when you sign up for the Bradt newsletter.

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