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Turfan holiday from the adventure holiday experts. See the trip below for a fantastic small group holiday to Turfan in China. Turfan (Turpan) is a major oasis on the Silk Road as it winds its way through the Gobi Desert. It's the econd lowest place on earth, 500ft below sea level, and flourishes in these barren surroundings because of underground irrigation channels which bring water under the desert. Turfan is famous for melons, grapes and raisins, and alos for being mercilessly hot in the summer. There's plenty of dramatic scenery in the deserts around Turfan, including the amazing Flaming Mountain.

Exodus has been operating trips to China since 1990 and has a long history with a country now much in need of international help due to the recent terrible earthquake. The city of Chengdu in Sichuan province near the epicentre of the recent earthquake is where we visit the world famous Panda research breeding centre. Through Plan International, Exodus is providing its clients the opportunity to raise funds to rebuild this shattered region. If you would like to donate, please visit our Just Giving page.


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