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Our Top Ten Places to Enjoy Value Added Time


Everest Base Camp
Machu Picchu
The Antarctic Circle
The Galapagos Islands
The Great Wall
India, Tigers and the Taj Mahal
Nile Cruise
Mount Kilimanjaro
The Ultimate African Safari
The Grand Canyon

So little time, such a big world and so many places to see! When you do get the chance to travel you need to make sure that you make the most of it. To give you a helping hand, we have come up with what our seasoned travel experts believe to be the top ten iconic trips that exist on this planet. How have we chosen them? Well, of course, these are just our opinions, but we like to think of our top ten as providing life-enhancing experiences. This could be witnessing the greatest spectacles nature has to offer, getting a glimpse into the lives of ancient civilisations, or experiencing some of the most remote places on Earth. These are places where you can do what you want to do, not what you have to do.

Our Top Ten is:

1. Everest Base CampMount Everest

Nothing quite compares with the awesome grandeur of Mount Everest, the highest point on the Earth's surface and the highest point on our top ten. Whilst the summit maybe the preserve of the mountaineer, the route to Base Camp is within reach of the experienced trekker and is, we think, the greatest trek of them all (Trip code: TNT).

Difficulty Rating: Strenuous

2. Machu PicchuInca Trail and Machu Picchu

At number two, the most famous site on the The Inca Trail, the incomparable lost city of the Incas: Machu Picchu. Although Machu Picchu is the ultimate goal, the trail passes through a wonderful mountain landscape of cloud forest and snow-capped Andean peaks. (Trip code: TPT)

Difficulty Rating: Moderate

3. The Antarctic Circle

Antarctica scene and a humpback whale breechingOne of the most remote and least-travelled places on Earth, venturing south of the Antarctic Circle and beyond is an adventure experienced only by the lucky few. The unique landscape and wildlife mean Antarctic exploration reaches our number three (Trip code: PSC).

Difficulty Rating: Leisurely

4. The Galapagos Islands

Tortoise and bird, GalapagosDarwin's inspiration and home to an array of wildlife found nowhere else on Earth, the 'Enchanted Isles' barely need an introduction. A naturalist's dream and a fascinating history means a Galapagos trip reaches number four (Trip code: AAG).

Difficulty Rating: Leisurely/Moderate

5. The Great Wall

Terracotta   warriors, Xi'anBreathtaking in its sheer scale and enabling you to really capture and understand the grandeur of China, walking the Great Wall is an unforgettable experience. This most famous of Chinese icons comes in at number five (Trip code: TCW).

Difficulty Rating: Moderate/Challenging

6. India, Tigers and the Taj Mahal

Tiger, RanthamboreThe Taj Mahal truly is a wonder of the world and sits on many a top ten. We think that Northern India has another wonder to offer, that being the beautiful and elusive tiger. On this trip we visit three tiger parks, and if you're lucky enough to see one of these animals in its natural environment, then you'll agree that this merits its place at number six (Trip code: AIW).

Difficulty Rating: Leisurely

7. Nile Cruise

Nile CruiseEgypt has an enthralling history and a wealth of well-preserved monuments and treasures. This trip allows you to visit all the sites and attractions along the Nile in a comfortable fashion; from the last remaining wonder of the ancient world, the Great Pyramids at Giza, to the vibrant Nubian culture at Aswan, it incorporates all the significant places of interest. We board our cruise boat at Luxor and, travelling upstream for four nights, we watch traditional life pass by, visiting Edfu and Kom Ombo along the way. A thoroughly enjoyable trip. (Trip code: AEN).

Difficulty Rating: Leisurely

8. Mount KilimanjaroMount Kilimanjaro

From the snow-capped summit of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak at 5,895 metres (around three miles) , it is possible to see the curvature of the planet with the naked eye. Now that's a thing you don't forget. Climbing Kili deservedly hits number eight (Trip code: TYW).

Difficulty Rating: Strenuous/Tough

9. The Ultimate African Safari

Cheetah on   a tree, Masai MaraA safari is one of those things that everbody should do at least once in their life.Travelling through the Great Rift Valley to Lake Naivasha and onto the Masai Mara will give you quite spectacular game-viewing. However, this small-group safari makes it to number nine because it also visits Rwanda giving you a glimpse into the lives of that most stunning animal, the gorilla. (Trip code: AYU).

Difficulty Rating: Moderate

10. The Grand Canyon

Grand CanyonAmerica's West is justifiably famous for its stunning landscapes. However, the site that never fails to capture the imagination with its sheer scale is the wonderful Grand Canyon. Two days hiking here and you will be far from tiring of its majesty. The USA sneaks in at number ten with its contribution (Trip code: AFL).

Difficulty Rating: Leisurely/Moderate

If you feel like ticking some of these wonders off your list, details of adventure trips we offer to help you do that, are shown below....

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