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Walking & Trekking Fitness GuideSpring is a beautiful time of year all over the world. Europe’s frosty heart melts, watering lush green pastures which soon bursts into blooms of pretty wildflowers, blossom laden trees and tinkling streams cascading over rocks, still quiet before the rush of high summer.

In North Africa and the Middle East, the temperature is perfect, the golden orb of the sun hanging in the sky and oozing glittering light without the ferocious, arid heat of the summer months.

The Nepalese trekking season is still in full swing come April, giving you plenty of time to put in some practice before you hit the Himalayan heights, ensuring your Everest Base Camp dream comes true. In fact, it gives plenty of opportunity to try the Exodus Walking & Trekking Fitness Guide to get you in peak shape for any of our more challenging treks – including the most iconic trekking summit there is, Kilimanjaro.

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